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Dr Catherine Eschle University of Strathclyde

Kirsty Alexander University of Strathclyde

Lauren Hollenstein University of California Berkeley
This is an exceptional disappointing move by St. Andrews to take advantage of a contract worker to develop an entire curriculum for the college, and then let her go retaining all of her hard work.

Madhavi Nevader University of St Andrews

Jillian Ducker

Sophie Jones University of Strathclyde

Hayden Siratt

Fiona Killalea University of St Andrews

Blair Harbour University of St Andrews

Sharon Cowan University of Edinburgh
Do not make this excellent scholar, who has achieved far more than she was employed to do, redundant.

Tamara Trodd University of Edinburgh

alillyf University of Ediburgh
Gender Studies programs and departments are crucial to a flourishing university that supports student interest, interdisciplinary academic conversations, and does not merely pay lip service to diversity and inclusion. Disbanding this initiative would be an appalling step in the wrong direction.

Gillian Dickson
I completed an MLitt in Women’s studies at Strathclyde University over 20 years ago. It changed my life and it has informed my leadership and my commitment to striving for equality and equity of opportunity for all young people in secondary education. That this could happen in one of the oldest universities in the world is heartbreaking and sends a very poor message regarding the values of the university – backward move that will impact on many lives. How can a university not have this course? It is mind boggling.

Charlotte Brand University of Sheffield
I completed my MSc and PhD at the University of St Andrews, my PhD explored sex differences in confidence and risk-taking. I have always proudly spoken of St Andrews as an incredible place to work, but I am shocked, appalled and bewildered by this decision. Please think again.

Amber Ward University of St Andrews

Zsuzsa Lugosi University of Stirling

Ashraya Maria

Rita Tojeiro University of St Andrews

Gemma Scammell Cardiff met
As a PhD student I find it heartbreaking that this is the future for female academics.

Mario Agustin Sgro National University of Córdoba

Sinem Semsioglu Koc University
I recently came across the work of Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr and then the news about her situation in St. Andrews. It is deeply upsetting that she hasn’t been treated fairly. I hope this letter will be taken into consideration and she continues her great work without being hindered.

Ruthvik Peddawandla

Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research FAC Research, Athens, Greece

Caitlin Donnelly University of St. Andrews

Kim St andrews
You do this to students and build your reputation on being faux inclusive while watching even your student representatives be bullied by people on their cohort. You do this to staff too in an already stupidly stressful academic work environment and it’s just enough! stop tooting your own damn horn and stand by your own faux principles.

Owen King

Daniel LeBlanc University of Western Ontario

Yimao Liu Brandeis University
Offer holder of St Andrews (from another department). Eager to meet Dr. Kerr in the fall and beyond! She is the only one working on feminist philosophy, how is that redundant?(fwiw feminist philosophy is my major AOI).

Jacques Laverty University of Dundee

Cat Wayland University of Edinburgh

Andre Phillips University of Edinburgh

Ryan O’Connor University of Edinburgh

Ruth Forrester University of Edinburgh
I am surprised and concerned to hear about this poor employment practice by the University of St Andrews

Mirza Nathoo University of Edinburgh

José Miguel Figueroa-O’Farrill University of Edinburgh

Christos Perivolaropoulos University of Edinbugrh

Sophia Lycouris University of Edinburgh

Julian Goodare University of Edinburgh

James Evershed PhD Student at UC Berkeley
Née Skinner. I did the MPhil in philosophy at St Andrews, and this is an appallingly bad decision. Malcolm X famously distinguished between the fox and the wolf. Whereas the wolf openly says that they are no friend of equality, the fox pretends to be for its own benefit. And yet, when it’s time to put words in action, the fox acts no differently from the wolf. St Andrews, you’re a fox.

Kerri Mallet
How appalling! What a kick in the face to someone who has created such a lucrative opportunity for the university. How will anyone be able to take St. Andrews gender program seriously if they fire not only the program’s creator, but the only female professor within the program. Shame on St. Andrews administration!

Britt Currie UIUC

Sarah Bruckler University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stephen McPhail

Martha Schwartze

Claire Andrzejczak

Zoe Ammendolia Humboldt University Berlin (St Andrews PhD)

Allison King

Ange Pitteroff Maine Legislature

Shira Drossos

Jennine Crane Saint Martin’s University

Erin Tierno Smith College

Dr. Karl A. Traul Expert Consultant in Toxicology
It appears that the University came down on the wrong side of this matter. Dr. Kerr appears to have benefitted the University far more than it appreciates.

Lazarus Boutis Formally, of CCNY and others.
Penny wise and pound foolish on your part.

Signing in solidarity with Alison and all the other hardworking researchers who have been made redundant from St Andrews recently despite going above & beyond their contractual research project duties.

James Hart University of Bristol

Maria Pantelidou University of Athens
I agree completely with the above content

Christiane Thiry Master en études de genre (Belgique)

Dr. Adam C. Podlaskowski Fairmont State University, Fairmont, WV, USA
I support Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr, and hope that the University of St Andrews decides to ultimately do the same as well. Doing so would be both just and better realize the relevant portions of the institution’s mission.

Lester Salberg University of California

E. Allyn Smith University of Quebec (Montreal)

Amy Hill Cosimini St. Olaf College

carlabcb University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Sonya Adams

Andres Zambrano-Bravo Interkative Demokratie
Former StA student here. This is madness!

Yvette Taylor University of Strathclyde

Professor Janik Bastien Charlebois Université du Québec à Montréal

Sarah Drayton

Jess Anderson University of Strathclyde

Grace Purdy
I worked with Alison several times in the planning process for Equalitree, a rural skills program for women and marginalized communities within St Andrews, and was always impressed by her kindness, passion, and hardworking attitude. She is an enormous boon the university, and she would be sorely missed by the community if made redundant. I have only the highest praise for her and know many others feel the same, and I can only hope the university recognizes this shared sentiment!

Pure Pepel

L. KLüter Equality Office

Pauline Spatz Berlin

Nina Nissen University of Southern Denmark

Ulrike Nack University of Hildesheim

Tabea Louis University of Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Veronika Wöhrer University of Vienna

Dr. Katharina Jacke Humboldt University Berlin – research associate

Libora Oates-Indruchova University of Graz

Emma Rees Institute of Gender Studies, University of Chester, UK

Dagmar Fink Vienna
This is a disgrace, shame on you, decision makers of St. Andrews. You are harming not only Dr. Duncan Kerr, the quality of Gender Studies at St. Andrews but also your institutional reputation. Reinstate Dr. Duncan Kerr.

Elisabeth Holzleithner University of Vienna
There needs to be more regard for interdisciplinary gender and intersectional studies and for the people engaged in these timely and socially important fields.

Tinka Greve

Doris Allhutter Austrian Academy of Sciences

mike downham
I stand against every redundancy in Higher Education at a time when Higher Education has become still more of a priority as a result of the Covid crisis and its impacts on young people who urgently need a wide range in University courses towards a society which has learned from the current crisis. Given that women will inevitably play a larger role in that new society than in the past I particuarlly reject St Andrews University’s blatant step back into a male-dominated past. How can such a prestigious university behave like this?!

L.J. Müller Humboldt-University Berlin

Sofie Fleischer Georg-August Universität Göttingen

Hilde Grammel

Ane Maria Døhl University of Oslo – St Andrews alumna

Dr. Marianne Kriszio Humboldt Universitat Berlin

Candide Royal


Professor Deborah Philips University of Brighton

Susan Freeman Western Michigan University, USA

Chloé Nahum-Claudel LSE

Nastassja Mrozinski Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Noor-Elise Kamaruzzaman

Emanuela University of Glasgow

John Barton University of St Andrews

Swetlana Torno Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg University

Caleb Ward Stony Brook University

Lauren Ackerman Newcastle University
Now more than ever it is crucial to establish and maintain a cite of feminist philosophy on gender. It impacts all areas of work, study, and life. In the UK and particularly Scotland, the rise of sexism cloaked in trans exclusionary feminism requires study and analysis. St Andrews is perfectly situated now, but this threatens to undo their excellent standing.

Friederike Mehl Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin

Matteo Zicchetti University of Bristol

Aaron Smith-Walter University of Massachusetts Lowell

Bridget Crawford Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace Univeristy (USA)
signed in an individual capacity only; my signature does not represent the views of my employer

Joan Vogel Vermont Law School

Antje Géra University of Hildesheim

David Vaughn

Juliette Aubin University of the New Sorbonne
Gender is becoming an increasingly crucial field not only in philosophy, but in social sciences as well. It is appalling that someone who has literally contributed to establishing an institute dedicating to its studies would be made redundant, given her relevancy and dedication to her domain.

Alice Bruttomesso

Ian Wall

Cindy McClue

Andrew Guertin Northeastern University
The way Alison Duncan Kerr was treated from a professional standpoint was, and continues to be, disgraceful, not only from a public-facing, morality standpoint (not to mention the boldness of doing this, having to have expected blowback), but also from a purely business standpoint. The quality of your services suffer and your institutional reputation suffers. I hope those in a position to, make the decision to do the right thing and reinstate Dr. Duncan Kerr.

José Renkens Radboud University Nijmegen – Gender & Diversity studies

Madeline DeFilippis

Dr Patrick Adamson University of St Andrews

Geraint Morgan University of St Andrews

Pilar Lopez Cantero Tilburg University

Emily Baxter University of St Andrews

Alasdair Busby

Annika Mayer

Isn’t this just common human decency? Knowing that this sort of thing goes on there, I feel bound by conscience to warn others away from applying to the university until the issue is redressed.

TJ Boisseau Purdue University

Elsje van Kessel St Andrews

Agnieszka Graff University of Warsaw

Marc Neel Bruxelles

Sabine Grenz University of Vienna
As an interdisciplinary gender scholar I strongly support the case.

Mary Lou Rasmussen Australian National University

Nadje Al-Ali Brown University

Molly Borrett The University of St Andrews

Zoë Ray St Andrews University

Rachel Winterhalter

Maite Lopez University of St Andrews

Yeonjoo Choi Pohang University of Science and Technology

Inigo Chancellor St Andrews

Caden Gonzalez

Josie Hilton University of St Andrews

Sarah Hutchison Former University of St Andrews student

Anna Cresswell St Andrews

Cassie Smillie St Andrews

Thomas M Bunting St. Andrews

Tom Kaspers University of St Andrews

Dr Aurora Ganz University of St Andrews


Allison St andrews

Siska De Baerdemaeker

Jessica Bainbridge University of St Andrews

Ned Fiennes University of St Andrews

Steve Macek North Central College, IL, USA

eleanore hamilton st andrews

Melissa St andrews
Let her stay

Lucy Angus

Lucas Wood

Sonja Ruottunen University of Glasgow

Robyn Clark University of Dundee

Souradeep Roy Queen Mary, University of London

Rowan T Milligan St Andrews University
As a woman hoping to have a career in academia and currently at St Andrews the treatment of female staff members and the lack of regard for interdisciplinary feminist studies is dismaying yet unsurprising. Do better.

Antonis Vradis University of St Andrews

Beth Crichton
don’t be misogynists. thanks.

Freya St Andrews

Alexandra Chapman University of St Andrews

Lorna Thorpe

David Hayes University of St Andrews

Alex Duckworth University of St Andrews

Lily von Geyer St. Andrews University

Chess Hazlett

Louise Emory University

Gary Brymer St Andrews University

Margaret A University of St Andrews

Bethany Isles Edinburgh Napier University

David Sparkman

Becca Phillips University of St Andrews Alumna (Class of 2019)

Christopher David Howard Universal Service Administrative Company

Connor Wallace Letovo School
Good luck, Alison!

Karen Lewis

Ruth Hawthorn University of Lincoln

Jessica Hogan University of St Andrews

Pujarinee Mitra University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Lauren payne University of St Andrews

Emma Harckham

Alice Palfreyman University of St Andrews

Lucy Hundrup

Gillian University of St Andrews

Veronica McTernan St Andrews

Rose Kleeger University of St Andrews

Elicia Puddefoot

Elinor Baker

Mhairi McCracken St andrews

Charlotte Howell St Andrews

Hannah Vanderstappen Univeristy of St Andrews

carla Brussels

Clara St. Andrews

Anoushka Kohli
As a former senior student ambassador, I would always tout with pride that our university had such strong gender work, especially with the new institute for gender studies. That wouldn’t have been possible without Dr Kerr. This is absolutely outrageous and a failing on the university’s part. At a time when leading women in higher education are few and far between, removing a gender scholar after that scholar has led the charge in the field is truly appalling.

Fanny Bourge University of St Andrews (student)

Rei Halverson University of St. Andrews Recent Grad
Every tenured professor I ever had was an old white man, but the most I ever got out of my learning was from incredible women in the social anthropology department who challenged and motivated me.

Lana St Andrews
Dr Kerr has worked over and above what was needed and her contribution to the future of St Andrews is so crucial

Glinne Département fédéral de la Recherche (Belgique)

Keith Minami

Hannah Dyer

Anne Vanweddingen Brussels

Zoé Devaux Brussels

Matthew Waites Sociology, University of Glasgow
I work as Reader in Sociology at University of Glasgow. I’m concerned about the trend in top universities also seen at Goldsmiths to employ people on short term contracts to set up new Masters programmes which are then run by others. Having set up a new Masters myself and acted as Postgraduate Taught Courses Convenor in Sociology at university of Glasgow I know the volume of work involved. Gender Studies should be taken seriously by universities, which means a serious commitment to the staff teaching.

Elle Hale

Amanda Musolf University of St Andrews

Luis Andueza University of St Andrews

Mia Corliss
Absolutely shameful, it makes me embarrassed to be a graduate from here.

Danielle Bergmann University of St. Andrews (M. Litt class of 2016)

Sean Carroll Resonance (PR firm), alumni of St. Andrews
It’s disgraceful that within this current political climate St. Andrews chose to make this decision. Gender studies are a critical part of our education and should not be treated any less so.

Millie Leadbetter-Wilcock St Andrews

Brodie Bennett St Andrews

Stacy Oshingbeme

Nikolaos Papadogiannis

Sophie St. Andrews uni

Lochlann Walford Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr. James F. Downes Lecturer in Comparative Politics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Megan Prins Thompson Rivers University
There is a chance to correct this wrong, to lead by example, admit poor judgments and enable this remarkable female scholar to continue to build a meaningful legacy at your institution

Max Dashu Director, Suppressed Histories Archives
This university, like so many others, has failed to recognize the contributions of a female scholar and advance her as she so manifestly deserves. They should reconsider, especially since their gender balance is severely out of kilter. It’s time for this injustice and prejudice against women to stop.

B Kennedy

Charlotte Pezeril

Carolyn La Rocco St Andrews

Prof Raimund Karl Prifysgol Bangor University; University of Vienna
It is ridiculous to not renew the contract of Dr Kerr and would put St Andrews University in a very bad light. It reeks of exploitation of a female academic to create a gender studies programme that permanent staff couldn’t, only to ditch her once the programme has been established.

Oscar McCallum Del Priore University of St Andrews

Emmanuelle Hardy Ligue des droits humains

Cindy Clardy Ford Motor Company, retired
It is so critical for younger women to have role models. I still remember when I hired into Ford Motor Company in 1994 after a long career as an industrial engineer, and one of my older male coworkers telling me he didn’t realize that there were any women with so much engineering experience, as if women were only recently allowed to attend university. Please reinstate Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr in her position so future generations don’t have to fight the same battles that I did.

Irma Gyory

Jocelyn B Houghton

Melissa Ebbers

Abigail Richards University of St. Andrews

Lisa Dörner Rheinische-Friedrichs-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Alexandra Rego University of St Andrews, University of Chicago

Sharon Sekhon the Studio for Southern California History; California State University Fullerton
I stand with Alison because I have seen far too many times far too many women removed from positions of power after doing a stellar job, so someone else — usually a man — can waltz in and take credit for years of work. No more gaslighting. The work she has accomplished is hers and she used a variety of skills to create a powerful network of scholars and those invested in this scholarship. Those skills are the most valuable right now in our world. Shame on the university for attempting to remove Alison and for not crediting her for revolutionizing a somewhat stale department of confident men.

Jennifer Pierre

Tessa Bechert

Kathleen Fitzgerald University of North Carolina

Morgan Davis Korea

De Brouwer

Rebecca Anne Barr Cambridge University

Laura McAtackney Aarhus university
It is not ok to use and abuse women academic’s extreme labour and for universities to reap the rewards before handing it over to someone else. Do the right thing and make Alison permanent.

Autumn Green
I would hope you would continue this important work. The idea of spending all the money to establish the programme and then promptly abandon it seems a terrible waste of University funds.

Meghan Kane Queen’s University Belfast

Dr David Clare Mary Immaculate College, UL

Johannes Nickl University of St Andrews

Liv Vaisberg

Christopher Masterman University of Oslo & St Andrews

Kristi Nichols

Laura MacPherson Zieger Glasgow University


Keith Hughes University of Edinburgh
Doubtless Alison will go on to brilliant things elsewhere, and St Andrews will regret this callous decision. But this really is so regressive and reactionary a move in so many ways. Shameful.

Fiona Eason University of St Andrews

Ashten Scheller University of Edinburgh


Marilena Papalamprou The University of St Andrews

Mike Simpson University of St Andrews

Kaj Brown Australian National University

Jennifer Mason TDPC
If you proceed with this it makes a complete mockery of your claims of progress towards becoming a more diverse elite institution. I wonder, how diverse was panel of decision makers who formented this plan?

Marlies Humpelstetter University of Glasgow

Coraline Harris

Tallulah Cunningham University of Newcastle

kate tempel

Michiko Okada University of Edinburgh

Lisa Reed

Sarah Ehman University if Victoria

Pascale Brady Maryland USA

Nancy Burke Northwestern University

K. Wallace
True diversity is shown through commitment and dedication. Shame on St Andrews.

Monica H. Green

David Miles St Andrews alumnus

Maria Bordei

Eliska Bujokova University of Glasgow
As a member of the Centre for Gender History at Glasgow, I fully support the above letter and add my own personal experience of the acute need for a specified role representing gender studies within humanities departments. The redundancy of Dr Kerr really is the most unfortunate step back in the fight for gender equality within academia, both in relation to staff, students, and taught curricula. I truly hope that with so much support across Scottish academia already mustered, this decision can be reconsidered.

Sally Outen

Ren Ewart St Andrews

Maggie English University of Glasgow

Daniela Gibbons

Karen smith
This is disgraceful after all the work this lady has done for the uni

Kim Kay

Hatsuki Aishima National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka

Rosie Salkeld Home
An important area of study clearly led by a dedicated and knowledgeable person. Students have had a really challenging experience since the pandemic and losing their study guide part way through their course seems particularly cruel and unnecessary.

Helen Street Open university (study), music teacher
I support the campaign to keep Dr Kerr.

Alex Marshall Glasgow University

Helen Parker Kingswood house school
This is outrageous and directly contradicts your own equality policies. I urge you to reconsider.

Lorraine Finnerty
Equality and utter fairness when assessing a member of staff for the faculty- that should be an overriding criteria for any institution

Richard Sowden University of Birmingham, Birmingham Museums Trust

Giselle Richardson
St Andrew’s can’t be called a world class university if it doesn’t see the error in such a policy. As a graduate of two such institutions I find this embarrassing.

Kurt Bassuener University of St. Andrews (tutor)

Suzanna Beaupre

Alegria Spencer Courtauld Institute, London

Annette Cooper

Amelia Amodei

Anne Erdunast Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Trust
Good luck with this, seems like a dreadful Injustice and shortsighted decision

Wiktoria Tunska University of York

KM University of St Andrews

Dr Ash K Stokoe University of Birmingham

David Paternotte

Megan Briers University of St Andrews

Antonis Maronikolakis Ludwig Maximilians University

Prof dr Violet Soen KU Leuven

Rahayu Adzhar Imperial College London

Lucy may Warwick

Dr Emma King University of St Andrews (BSc Hons. 2009)
I urge the university to consider the huge beneficial impact Alison has had on the department and the university’s reputation in the field

Emanuela Vai University of Oxford


Mia-Belle Tierney St. Andrews

Nathan McAllister University of St Andrews

Caroline Nachman University of St Andrews

Molly Pimm St Andrews

Taylor Burnett University of St Andrews



Grzegorz Palka


Claire Nelson University of St Andrews

Eilidh McGlashan University of St Andrews



Judith Somerville University of St. andrews

Mikhael Klassen Queen’s University

Rachel Blackwood

Julia Lurfová University of St Andrews

M st Andrews uni

Jack MacGregor

Carys St Andrews Alumni

Ella Rosenkranz Colorado Mesa University

Eilidh Keay University of Aberdeen

Ekua Aning University of Reading

Zelda Frances Tobias-Kotyk St. Andrews Alumni

Illya Nuzbrokh

Wilf Wheatley St Andrews (Philosophy MA)
Dr Alison Kerr has been outstanding at all times I have met her. Dr Kerr often spoke at student events and gave some of the most engaging talks I have seen whilst at university. She has also been an excellent adviser of studies for some of my academic years at the University. The University’s actions have displayed a disregard for gender studies for Dr Kerr and her area of study, the institute she was tasked with setting up has been gutted by their decision.

Emma Flanagan

Graham MacDougall University of St Andrews

Sofia Hurst

Jone St Andrews


Natasha Lozano University of Washington

Julia McClure University of Glasgow

Ella Ackroyd University of St Andrews

Alex N/A

Jean Bitner
This seems like an obvious miss. I’m sure you can do better here.

Julianna Joss St Andrews Alumna – MSc in Sustainable Development ’18

Natasha Chan University of Essex

Charlotte Howard University of St Andrews

James Laing University of York

Sophie Meatyard Hymans

Campbell MacPherson

Hannah Shirley St Andrews

Kirsty O’Neill Strathclyde University

Zoe Jackson

Layli Naghdy St Andrews

Roger Clarke Queen’s University Belfast

Paul Secular University of Bath

Duncan J Kerr Retired
This is a significant injustice. A poor reflection on the University. Promotes prejudice.

Angelina Todaro University of St Andrews
To follow through on making Dr. Kerr redundant in June 2021 would be 10 steps backward and would blatantly show where the University’s dedication to equality lies. This is no way to treat your staff, especially those who are making strides in diversifying the scope of academia at this University. Know that the students of this University are watching and will not accept this regressive action.


Jean Kreiling

Luci Ranzino
As a transgender university student myself, it seems like a great loss that Uni of St. Andrews would neglect gender philosophy, while also leaving their department so heavily skewed.

Lindsay Gill
Several years ago, I graduated from St Andrews. It is a wonderful institution, with strong academics, as well as a brilliant faculty and student body. Its people, reputation, and ability to create possibility is simply unique. However, by going against its own on gender research, the university lets us–the global and academic community, and the students past and present–know where it stands on diversity, inclusion, and the keeping of a strong academic community.

Hyoun Park
Gender is a fundamental aspect of humanity and deserves dedicated and inspired research focus from every top-tier academic institution. Will St Andrews meet that challenge and keep Alison Kerr?

Magda Italy
I support the letter wholeheartedly!

Katarina Krajcirovicova Regus, London (former student; Alumni)

Kerys Bettles Univeristy of St Andrews

Juliette Weyand St Andrews University, Humboldt University Berlin

eloise bennan

Zachary Jennings

Sidney Wilson University of St Andrews

Mark Bowker
I was a student in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews and still consider the University my home. I am very disappointed to see the University going so brazenly against the spirit of the offer made to Alison, especially when they are currently hiring for so many positions in philosophy.

Zachary Williams SUNY Cortland
My economics department at my school is a female led program and it’s incredible. They need to see how inclusivity works as a successful model and effectively balanced skewed public discourse.


Kiki Kennedy-Day, Ph.D. NYPL (but home this year)
Hello, I cannot believe the university is not making Dr. Kerr full-time, after her work in setting up the gender studies program. I studied philosophy at St. Andrews (1968-70) as an undergraduate. While the dept. was excellent, it was severely lacking in female professors. There was one. I took that to mean that studying philosophy would not lead to jobs for women, regardless of accomplishment. I have seen the same hold true in the U.S. Time to get with the program people, it’s 2021!

Joanna Moodie University of St Andrews

Natalie Stone University of Exeter

Ann Trapp

Cherie Meads

Benjamin Kupka University of Cambridge
As a former student of St Andrews, and as someone who has worked with the Department of Philosophy, I find this fiercely disappointing. St Andrews has always had more work to do, particularly on the front of diversity and inclusion, and seeing them abandon one of the hardest working members of staff, one who worked tirelessly to advance these causes and the department as a whole is utterly unacceptable. I hope the University accedes to the public pressure and follows through on its employment policy and on its stated commitment to addressing the systemic issues still present at the University.

Karen Rowlands British Red Cross

Nathalie Demirdjian St Andrews alumna
I am both outraged and unsurprised that St Andrews is defending its decision to engage in the intellectual exploitation of untenured faculty. From a public image standpoint if not one of basic morality, alienating an academic from such a substantial, personal contribution to the University is truly unconscionable.

Sophia University of St Andrews

Jo Stapleton University of St Andrews

Laura L Downs European University Institute

Georgina St. Andrews

Kelly Anderson University of Glasgow

Demian Whiting University of Hull

Briana King University of St Andrews

Zowie Davy DMU
We need critical gender studies programs which are interdisciplinary and experts with passion to run them

Sarah Groves Weston super Mare

Dr. David Allsopp

Francis Franklin Newcastle University

Damian Fisher

Derek Gordon

Daisy Zeijlon Postgraduate Student, New York University; University of St Andrews Class of 2014

Abigail Lyna

Khira MacWatt University of Glasgow

Maya St Andrews

Abi Squires
Be on the right side of history! Please consider how your wrongful act will impact others.

Aniqah Ahmed King’s College London

Isabella DiPietro University of St Andrews
How the university has treated Dr. Allison Kerr is a perfect example of how St Andrews practices performative activism. I hope that the university understands the true importance of professors like Dr. Allison Kerr and reconsiders.

Campbell Rosener

Bethany Mackay St Andrews student
So disappointed to hear about this. Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr sounds like someone with real vision, and the ability to put that vision into practice. I am adding my name to the list of people calling upon the university to reconsider this decision, urgently.

Cate Crossland University of St Andrews

Meg Dolan St Andrews

Fedra Benoli University of Applied Arts Vienna
I was a visiting student at St Andrews, Dr Kerr’s contribution to the university is crucial for the development of the university going forward.

Liz Ablett UCD

Violette Lundsten

Casey Moore

Claire Carroll The University of St Andrews

Rohan Date University of St Andrews

Marta Ortega Llebaria University of Pittsburgh

Karthik Ashok

Kian Mintz-Woo University College Cork

Grace Houston

Megan Holl Postgraduate at St Andrews.

Astra Jade

Tamsin Kiouzelis St Andrews class of 2020, LSE Gender class of 2021

Thomas Munley University of St Andrews, Class of 2018
Disappointing to see my alma mater take such a regressive step.

Rebecca Kirkwood Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada)

Jack DeMartino

Tet Murphy Bern, Switzerland


Tiaan Scott DeVilliers Bentley Firrhill High School

Demarkius Davis

Leo Rein Merrill Lynch
I was philosophy student representative in my senior year at St Andrews, and I was one of two students who worked with Allison directly to research other postgraduate gender study programs in colleges and universities across the world. I took her class, the Philosophy of Love and Sex, which was the last philosophy course I took in my degree. All these were fantastic experiences, and I felt fortunate to round off my time at St Andrews this way. I know firsthand as well as anybody how much time and effort Alison has put into St Andrews, and how deep and genuine her passion is for her subject and her students. In polite terms, this is a staggering injustice and an absurd way to show gratitude to a phenomenal teacher that did so much to promote the values this university claims to exalt. It is a grave injustice, as ironic as it is hypocritical, that a woman who has worked endlessly to reverse gender inequalities by creating a degree on that very subject has been sacked. I as well as a thousand others call on the university to reverse their decision. Simply put, she is the best person for the job.

Allie Figueroa

Celeste St Andrews uni


Charlotte James Robertson University of Glasgow

Marjana Johansson University of Glasgow

John McFadden Kelvin college

David Thomas
This seems very short sighted thinking more worthy of other organisations trying to avoid making an employee permanent. That a contract terms has expired is inescapable. Looking though at all the post holder has achieved for the University, it’s reputation, here and internationally, the subject demand for study and its student body support – this seems unseemly, given the make up of the academic & student body; faintly misogynistic prioritisation for cuts and far from reassuring that the University is in good hand as a business operation. I hope the University listens carefully to the growing opprobrium and do itself, it’s students and Doctor Kerr the position and status so very hard won.

Emily Wellings Tutor (and a St Andrews graduate)

anna mcnerney

Julian Fliegler University of Nevada, Reno

Aspen Scarlett

Katherine University of St Andrews

Alexander Yates University of St Andrews

Luke Patterson St. Andrews University


Rebecca Davidson University of St Andrews Class of 2019

Ruth Owens Royal Northern College of Music

Girish Shambu

Fintan Grafe


Alastair Bowyer St Andrews University

James Thompson Royal Mail

Henry Thompson University of St Andrews

Peter St Andrews

Isaree Thatchaichawalit
As a graduate of the University of St Andrews, I’m ashamed that the university I went to has exploited one of its staff members, let alone one who has single-handedly attracted students and good press to the university. We all know St Andrews has its issues with inclusivity. It defies all logic for Dr Kerr to be underpaid and now terminated after all her work in making St Andrews a more inclusive place.

Reilly Fitzpatrick

Liam Cherry-Holt

Francesco Piazza University of orleans

Emily St Andrews

Shi Lin Loh National University of Singapore

Malhaar Shah University of Oxford

Justin Treadwell

Elizabeth Van de Kleut

Maria Auth

Alon Lischinsky Oxford Brookes

Pam Crossland
Solidarity from Manchester.

Scooter Statt

Olivia R Phillips

Miles Wright University of St Andrews

Laura University Collect Dublin

Ez McEvoy University of Sussex


The University’s reputation is being damaged by poor management decisions. Admit to and fix your mistake here.

Órla Meadhbh Murray Imperial College London

Erin Bowles

Sam Lallman University of Nebraska at Omaha

Mario Huber

Alex Carroll LIFT-Sport (former St Andrews Philosophy Graduate)

Diana Craciun UCL

Florence Reedy University of Hull

Kristýna Kociánová Charles University in Prague

Mac Cheminais University of St Andrews

Jo Vening



Anna Slezáková

Stephanie King University of Bristol
You can’t just put a diversity statement on you university webpage and not act on it. It’s about time universities started building a culture that does not discriminate against anyone who isn’t a white, western male.

Beulah Willemsen University of Exeter

Karoline Kingsbury St. Andrews

Nathaniel Rashbass University of St. Andrews
Save my academic advisor!

Kace Omolade Na
She was unfairly TERMINATED!

Ez Fordyce Self Employed
Bridge the gap. Woman with obvious passion, and teaching from experience, can only be a good thing.

Hanna Cousins University of St Andrews

Eric Decker
These temporary positions aren’t meant for institutions to have cheap, dedicated staff for three years, work them to the bone and fire them before you have to hire them permanently. On top of that, less than a quarter of your tenured Phil. Dept. are women? And none of them research gender? How do you expect to run an effective Gender studies program? Oh, you’re planning on stealing the curriculum Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr created for her students, I see. It is a travesty, a stain on your institution and academia as a whole that you are even considering letting this motivated and inspiring professor go. I implore you to reconsider, make a better choice.

Harry Howell University of Bath

Katayoun Jalilipour Central Saint Martin’s

Emma University of St Andrews

Lena Ray

Rebecca White Manchester Metropolitan University


Grace Franklin

Thomas Catton University of Edinburgh

Bruno Leipold LSE

Corran MacCorran Governor State University

May Norwood St Andrews

Gayle Davis University of Edinburgh

Sadira Pyne-Bailey University of York

Ilias Foskolos Aarhus University, Denmark

Adam James Durham University
Having already seen talented and hardworking lecturers have their contracts pulled out from under them here at Durham, seeing Alison’s predicament leaves an incredibly bad taste in the mouth. UK universities need to end their insecure labour practices and provide respect and dignity to their staff.

Camila Torres Carrillo University of Innsbruck
By dismissing Dr. Kerr, you’re undermining your reputation. Do right by women in academia, especially the one set up a program from which you’ll profit.

Claire Elder University of Glasgow

Matthew Mesley Plymouth

Alejandra Salgado

Clara O.

John Barnes St Andrews Philosophy Graduate
Dr Kerr’s teaching greatly enriched my university experience.

Charlotte Dunn Bahamas

Caitriona Hastings St Andrew’s University

Francesco Piazza University of orleans
I totally stand by Dr kerr’s side and wholeheartedly endorse the case for the university of st Andrews to fulfil their obligations.

Valentina Calvi University of St Andrews

Malika University of St Andrews

Luca Mezossy-Dona University of Oxford (St Andrews alum)

Gabija Povilaityte

Phoebe Soulon Alumni, University of St Andrews

Alex Nora Esculapio University of Brighton

Isobel Myers

Colin Hall-Williams

Xiyuan Meng St Andrews

Olivia Jackson Master’s student at the University of St Andrews

David Lee University of St Andrews

Guy Woods St. Andrews

Ashton Kye

Eric-Ross McLaren University of St Andrews
Don’t you dare let her go.

Rachel Flynn St Andrews University
Currently MLitt student

Emelie Olsson

Annabel St Andrews
There’s something ridiculous and farcical about this situation which seems to reveal a lack of genuine commitment to gender equality and instead just performances of it.

Grant Marshall University of Edinburgh

Tyler Redshaw

Ruby Wright

Aniela Soszyńska University of St Andrews Alumnus


James Norrie University of Birmingham

Anna Stricker University of St Andrews

Paul Gorby University of St. Andrews

Martha Murdock NY, USA
I support this petition.

James Leak Edinburgh Napier University

Claire Brown Teesside university


Alix Beeston Cardiff University

Rodrigo Silva Universidad de Chile

Jade Clarke

Nora Burges University of St Andrews

Ciaran Millward

Chris Dobson The Open University

Michael P. Lynch University of Connecticut

Sam Donagi

Jonathan Pettitt University of Aberdeen

Rebecca Now Webster University

Michael Gentry

A. Wetterlund

Lyndsay MIller University of Glasgow

Jonathan Loyd University of Louisville

Daniel Kiniry

ora callaway paris college of art

Kathleen University of St. Andrews

Cristina Vanciu Université du Québec à Montréal

Alys Roberts Manchester Metropolitan University

Cathryn Hall St andrews (94 – 99)
Utterly appalled to see my alma mater in the news, for such shameful treatment of one of their professors.

Julija Silyte University of St Andrews

Dr Karin Koehler Bangor University

Dr Roxani Krystalli

Sophia Rosenblatt

Seth Freeman


Annalise A McWilliams

Jennifer van der merwe

Ella Henricksen

Lucy University of St Andrews

Samantha Loonan

Gabi University of St Andrews

Marianna Golinucci University of Glasgow

Stephen Henry

Pamela McKane

Jan Jakub Gutkowski University of St Andrews

Grace Bitner

Louise Clayette University of East Anglia

Sara Pearce University of St Andrews

Katie University College London

Hannah Medical Student at The University of St Andrews

Margot Imlah

Erin Street

Victoria Burlison Investec Private Bank

Dr H. M. Altorf

Eleanor Gillis University of St Andrews

Kate Bordwell

Hella Péter University of Kent

Vikita Khetani University of St. Andrews

Suzanne Elliott University of Edinburgh
Friends of mine have benefited heavily from Dr. Kerr’s guidance and passionate work ethic. In addition, gender studies remains a crucial part of arts fields and should not be treated as secondary.

Kelli Hata Fresno Pacific University

Nat Raha University of St Andrews

Katie Carlson Gender specialist, international consultant

Nahid University of York

Sarah Bracke University of Amsterdam

Alex Schellekens University of St Andrews

Kanya University of Melbourne
I’m sad seeing this injustice happens at a top university. I hope Dr Kerr would retain her position and receive full time contract. #StAndWithAlison

Eileen Rositzka

Emma Whitefield University of St Andrews

Toby University of St Andrews

Lorna Govan

Molly Uzzell St Andrews graduate (MA Hons. Philosophy, 2009)
The programme Dr Kerr set up appears to have greatly benefited the department, and it’s appalling that they would choose not to keep her around to run it.

cam .

Marilyn Dunn

Maisha virmani

Caitlin O’Neill University of St Andrews

Sally Haslanger MIT

Matthew Singer C+K

Karoline Strauch University of St Andrews

Rachel Cristy King’s College London

Harriet Coles St Andrews

Joel Michael Reynolds Georgetown University

Darcie Heller n/a
I believe that Dr. Kerr (the work she has accomplished and the stigmatized people she advocates for) has been treated in an unprofessional, targeted, and irregular manner. Additionally, planfully eroding future work and eliminating this departmental position will be an immediate loss within St. Andrew’s and damage the future of the academic community at large.

I stand w Alison. Philosophy departments are so heavily male dominated and to see someone so successful and competent be given the shaft is disappointing.


Holly McDavid University of Glasgow

Sarah Crawford

Abby lamb University of St. Andrews

Marta L. De Ninno-Rodríguez Cordero University of South Florida Alumni-Comparative ReligiousStudies

Axel Mueller Dept of Philosophy, Northwestern University
This decision is very harmful to the shy attempts to reduce the scandalous under-representation of women in Philosophy (which is worse than in STEM fields) and to foster the study of concepts and frameworks to understand such discriminatory situations. St Andrew’s will diminish its reputation if it doesn’t succeed in maintaining a first rate study of gender and its effects run by specialized faculty in a professionally secure and standard way.

Lara Balikci McGill University

Anne sculley

Rachel Schmidt University of Calgary, Canada

Alexander Fleischmann

Judith Gerson Rutgers University

Emeritus Professor Glenn Bowman University of Kent
Be decent, be professional!

Adelaide Crosby University of St Andrews

L. del Rosso New York University

Greg Restall The University of Melbourne

Tom Mulholland
Stop the sexism now.

Jeanne Moskal Univ of N. Carolina Chapel Hill
Administrative work like establishing a new program should be done by permanent faculty. Your action against Dr Kerr is exploitive and hypocritical. It demonstrates the very bias that a Gender Studies program is designed to correct.

Lily Christensen St Andrews Alumnus
I studied gender under Matt Southern which was a good course but was the only one of offer in the whole course, buried deep in the geography dept. St Andrews needs stronger female representation and female led gender studies program as a leading institution.

Abe LeGrant St Andrews

Polo Moji University of Cape Town

Shivani Kumar

Jefferson Molléri Simula – Oslo, NO

Shavena Kumar

Gia Kaisa University of St Andrews

Kimberley Bennett Senior lecturer at Abertay; St Andrews alumna
I am appalled at the actions of the university, which are exploitative and fly in the face of any apparent commitment to improving gender equity.


Emily Hague

Virginia Annette Jenkins Tsuda University
Stand up and stand out against discrimination of women of genius.

Varun Nayar

Sabela Mendez NHS Lothian

Karin Bowie University of Glasgow
Academia must address its diversity issues, and in this case the colleague is generating student income to cover the costs. There is no reason not to continue her contract.

Blu Legender

Acacia Beaton

Izzy Langley SMRU

Hannah Open University

Caitlin Morris University of St Andrews
As an alumna of the university who has now returned to study on a gender-specific program at Masters level, I am absolutely disgusted by this move by the university. They cannot be allowed to hire a woman, benefit from her incredibly hard work, then send her packing and let people with no expertise take over what she set up. It’s unacceptable that they would even try, and makes me ashamed of this institution I’ve spent so much of my life in and was once proud to attend.

Jennifer Andreacchi University of St Andrews

Luke Rendell University of St Andrews
I call on the University to review this decision in the context of the current debate on precarity in academic employment.

Deirdre Ní Cheallaigh Dublin, Ireland

sarah wachter Communications Consultant
This situation is all too common in intellectual professions where women’s talent is exploited and then the big jobs with all the perks and security get paased on to men, often part of an effectively closed network.

Dr Ruth Pearce Trans Learning Partnership
Universities win awards and build institutes, courses, and reputations on the back of insecure, fixed-term labour – disproportionately undertaken by women and migrants. It is unacceptable to use people like this and then throw them away, especially while the institution continues to profit from what they have built. If St Andrews’ Athena SWAN awards are to mean anything, they will value the study of women and gender, and provide academics like Dr Kerr with a pathway to secure employment.

Liz Mueller

Abigail Thorn
I enjoyed my time studying philosophy at St Andrews; the university should retain such a valuable expert, especially now when Britain needs greater understanding of the philosophy of gender

Victoria Turner St Andrews

Dr Sheena Vachhani University of Bristol

Vivianne Ong University of St Andrews

Emma Ritch Engender

Caitlin Woombs St Andrews

stephanie mcalea CEO, Stygian Fox (publishing)

Eve Grady University of Manchester

Mara Mechelke

Alice Nuttall Oxford Brookes

F.Simon Rhur-University Bochum

Emma Schutze University of Oxford

Lauren Cooper University of Glasgow
Why the university would want to remove such a dedicated and passionate member of staff from the institute and the courses Dr Kerr has developed is baffling. Give students the quality of education and staff they are paying for.

Fred Beverley 6th form college
Please stop

Roseanna Kettle University of York

Benjamin Leverett-Jaques

Waseet Naser Waingels College

Shannon Sutorius SUNY Oswego
As a TA hoping to further my own education postgraduate, Dr. Duncan Kerr’s dismissal is an offensive display of the undervaluation of education, research, teaching and most of all labor that goes into our higher educational institutions that are meant to progress our society. How can these institutions claim to be the benefit of common knowledge if they directly turn their backs on it?

Adam Maric-Cleaver University of East Anglia

Mikey Barnes University of Birmingham

Marie Friis

Catriona Wheelaghan MLitt Gender Studies graduate from the University of Stirling 2020

Melanie Prieß Leibniz Universität Hannover

Yazmin Safatle University of Brasília

William Henry Banks Lancaster University
This behaviour is why many of us choose to leave academic careers. If universities do not stop this behaviour then, combined with the effects of brexit, we will suffer a brain drain in the UK HE sector relegating it to a shadow of its former self in the name of a profit driven business model that has no place in education and research.

Cass Beirne MacsMAD
She deserves better than this, done so much for the university only to be tossed aside.

David Pellow
Outrageous in this current climate that such a decision can be made. I hope St Andrews will see sense and reverse this decision immediately.

Lorenzo Dalla Costa Cervelin UFSC

Elinor Prędota

Fran Amery University of Bath

Nicolas Boivin MLitt Offer Holder
Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr is a major reason I applied to study at St. Andrews. I will have to reconsider accepting my offer if she does not stay at the university.

Tom Williams Student, Sheffield Hallam University

Danielle cormack

Verena Stephani

Lia McGibbon

Billy Cowan City, University of London
Everybody has the right to stable employment, and HE establishments which supposedly pride themselves on fairness and equality should be setting an example in this regard, not helping sustain the inequality they state they are against.

Eleanor Kashouris Doctoral Candidate, University of Sussex

Madilyn Sadie Lunsford

Daryl Hodge Liverpool

Oskar Zeino Bsc. Computer Science, TU Dortmund University, Germany

Isaak Cecchetto

Luke Townend University of York

Jade Burnett The University of Sheffield

Joshua Curnett Lancaster University
I support Dr. Duncan and urge the institution to pause, reconsider, and then do the right thing: hire her permanently.

Misha de Broux

Stephen Read University of St Andrews
The university has yet to prove that its claim to promote diversity has substance.

Sarah Jorgensen

Kimberley Kerr N/A

Naomi Beecroft University of Wollongong, Australia

Andrea Rahardja MSc Psychology Conversion ‘17

Shen-yi Liao University of Puget Sound

Clara Richter Queen’s University Belfast

Jaye Michaela Brink

Dr Giles R Greenway Formerly UCL/KCL/Brunel

Alison Hall Independent researcher
I was once in a similar position but I was given a secure full time contract. Conditions for Uni staff have declined. Stop exploiting uni staff. Act for diversity. Positive action for women.

Dr. Ciarán McFadden-Young Edinburgh Napier University

Mieszko Kulczyński VLO Poznań

Emma Puranen University of St Andrews

Maria Araújo University College London
Universities should, by principle, be the first institution to acknowledge – because it has the most tools to do so, intellectual, monetary, and political – the right of workers to have their labour respected and unexploited. It should be the first institution to make use of its sociological, historical and economic research and ensure that all its employers are met with basic job security, which will allow them to lead dignified lives, where they can make meaningful plans for the future and be able to perform their job, everyday, without the mental and emotional stress of a career to be soon interrupted, and the desillusionment brought about by abusive employers.

Peter Sedlak Translation
As an alumnus it saddens me to see that my alma mater appears to be taking a step back when it comes to achieving meaningful diversity among its staff. Losing Dr. Kerr would be a significant loss for the university; academic excellence, which allegedly stands at the heart of the university’s identity, cannot be achieved if the scope and breadth of teaching and research are diminished and specialists are lost. I hope the university reconsiders this decision.

Clelia Noirot

Jan Philip Sindel University of St Andrews

River Stockmans

Mairi Hamilton University of Glasgow

Miguel Ohnesorge University of Cambridge

Amie Chambers

Matthew J Biley Oxford Brookes
Let’s not go backwards…

Amy Folkard University of Cambridge

Anita Widdowson Nottingham Trent University

Alex Reams

Callie Glade

Sam Lane

Mariana Jimenez-Ontiveros Wang MAZdesigns, UNÍ st A

Claire Jensen University of St Andrews

Emma Karen Kåvik University of Edinburgh

Tamarisk Kay Birmingham University

Kate Sang Heriot Watt
Now is not the time to lose such an important field of study or member of staff.

Sunil Hutchin-Bellur University of Glasgow

Hilda McNae University of St Andrews

Elizabeth Berry Leeds City College

Dr Sarah Parry University of Edinburgh

Alex Stephenson

Gabrielle McKenna University of St Andrews

Rosie Burton University of St Andrews

Kamila Bera SARC

Frankie Lawrence MA RHBNC
Alison Kerr is an expert in her field. She should not be replaced by two lesser men.

Liz shotter Lancaster university
I can’t believe we still have to do this to protest and highlight sexism. How tiresome and disappointing that it’s a university perpetuating misogyny this time.

Professor Victoria Fontan American University of Afghanistan
Being under attack from the Taliban is one thing, but for Gender Studies to also be under attack at the University of St Andrews is another. Replacing a specialized, dedicated scholar, with other non-related, yet I am certain equally accomplished in their own field, male scholars, reflects badly upon a Top Tier UK institution that should know better. This is poor academic management: it is never too late to revert a bad decision.

Kathleen Stock Department of Philosophy, Sussex University

Lauren Quigley Lantra

Prof. Mata Haggis-Burridge Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas)

Dr Lynne F Baxter University of York

Jane davies
How dare you do this! Give the woman her job back!

Jennifer Drew
Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr created the St Andrews Institute for Gender Studies (StAIGS) programme and it has been very successful because of her expertise and skills! Now the males in charge have decided to dismiss Dr. Kerr and replace her with two non specialist males whose only aptitude is fact they are men! Yet again men are arrogantly stealing women’s work and claiming it for themselves!

Alexandra Kenyon University of St Andrews

Alice Wickström

Adinda Remalya University of Amsterdam

Tina Caso

Claire Heuchan Author
I stand in full support of Alison Kerr. It is disgraceful that St Andrews would not only dismiss the only female academic teaching their Gender Studies course, but the female academic who put in the immense work of founding it. This incident is entirely in keeping with wider patterns of misogyny in the academy and – ironically – teaches us more about how gender continues to function as a hierarchy than any reading list ever could.

Clare McKeown PhD Researcher, Universities of Stirling & Strathclyde

Kate McBride University of St Andrews

Clare Beckett-wrighton University of Bradford
The story of Universities encouraging gender specific researchers to create new initiatives and then attempting to mainstream those initiatives among non-specialised staff is not new and should never be allowed to happen again. Development of gender studies is central to understanding the social world as it is lived and is a valued strand of sociology. I hope that the St Andrews’ management re-think this crazy move and value the resource they have already paid to develop.

Jacqueline Rappoport Queen Mary University of London
Does this really surprise anyone?

Elizabeth Perego

Claire Percival University of St. Andrews

Helen Bishop Graduated MA St Andrews 1968
This is shocking and an affront to the female students at St Andrews. Please reinstate her immediately with a permanent contract. and shame on the two male staff in Philosophy Dept who agreed to take on her work. Do they understand what equal rights actually means?

E. Weston

Miriam Austin Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford

Lauren Steimer University of South Carolina

Josh Wilson University of St Andrews

Siobhan Lydon Law
I stand with women fighting against gender inequality

Megan Kinsey University of St Mary’s, Twickenham

Deborah Ecob
This sends out totally the wrong message to young and aspiring women. Yet again, women’s voices are being stifled and replaced by male voices. No matter how excellent the male replacements are they cannot have any direct experience of how women are affected by gender inequality on a daily basis (just check out the call for impact studies on the Covid 19 regulations on women as opposed to men). Badly timed and ill-advised move, St Andrew’s.


Lenore Todd University of Leiden

Amanda Gillingwater CEO of My Crazy, Amazing and Wonderfully Loving Family
I stand with Alison and all inequalities bestowed upon Women by the Too Old, Too Male and Too Misogynistic Dinosaurs Bribery Club.

Alexandra Sadler St George’s University London
I am disappointed to read that this has occurred at St Andrews, my alma mater. My memory from my time at St Andrews was that it was an innovative place of study, which fought for equality and to break existing barriers in academia. Reading Professor Kerr’s credentials, this decision is a terrible blow to the Gender Studies Department and the University as a whole.

Cerys Minogue University of Cambridge

Faye Crawford

Rachel Taylor
Disgusting decision.

Mortlock Julie
The university of St Andrews has lost all credibility with this decision. Women’s studies must be rum by WOMEN.

Morag Robertson Retired

Liz Mcfall

Simone Gigliotti Royal Holloway, University of London

Carol Walker

Katrina Chicot

Lee Purvis Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Shruti Narayanswamy University of St Andrews

Sofia Valenzuela

Mary Carr University of St Andrews

Carole Jones University of Edinburgh
As director of the Gender and Culture programme at Edinburgh university I am fully aware of the need for scholars such as Dr Kerr and programmes such as this MLitt in Scotland; there is much demand, especially internationally, and this highlights, along with the flouting of its own policies, the perversity of St Andrews decision. If just for the sake of your own reputation please reverse this backward and revisionary move.

Katie Barrow

Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson Loyola Marymount University

Joe Hunt St. Andrews
This woman is doing a good job, St. Andrews sucks for diversity, I have lived in this town for nearly 30 years, and I am also a student here, so I don’t need to be told that this is not an issue, or it is under control, because that would be laughable. Do the right thing, and reverse the decision, also I think the University should apologise for the complete lack of foresight.

Benjamin Bateman University of Edinburgh

Ananda Young

Olivia Wiggins University of St Andrews

Sarah Bernstein University of Edinburgh

Jessica Farrell-Jobst University of St Andrews

Jack Travers University of St Andrews

Zuza Rosłońska University of Oslo (St Andrews alumna)

Ruth Batten St Andrews Class of 2020
As my honours dissertation supervisor in 2020, Alison was immensely supportive, knowledgeable and went above and beyond in her role. She is a credit to the Philosophy department and this decision is a slap in the face to every female Philosophy student who looked to her as a role model. It is now clear to me that the university cares very little about inclusion, and believes that exploiting the labour of passionate individuals through short-term contracts is acceptable behaviour.

Francesca Paini University of St Andrews

Shannon Vallor University of Edinburgh

Ellie Holland University of St Andrews
Dr Kerr’s insight was an invaluable contribution to our medical education and she is a true asset to the university

Mahi Hardalupas University of Pittsburgh

Matthew Hill Liverpool John Moores University

Jiwon Kim Lund University

Claire Shortt

Hannah Maddock

Caroline Creasey

Isla Neilson Oxford University


Amber University of St Andrews

Sam Hancock University of St Andrews

Lorna Maclean University of Strathclyde

George Baldry

Euan Dolan University of St Andrews

Mairi Paterson University of St Andrews

Marion Maurer Brussels


Maria N

Karin Sofia Johansson University of St Andrews

Patrick Campbell University of Warwick (Previously St Andrews)

Meg Dyson University of St. Andrews

Emmeline O’Gorman St. Andrews

Bennett Collins University of St Andrews

Caitie Glasgow Caledonian university

Emily Finer University of St Andrews

Kim Wong University of St Andrews

Delaney Murray

Alasdair Chalmers

Brodhie Molloy University of Amsterdam

J Hugo

Tara Rowan University of St. Andrews

Isabella Yow

Gah-Kai Leung University of Warwick

Dr Andrew F Wilson University of Derby

David Hyder University of Ottawa
I’m quite puzzled why the University would let someone like this go. Her recent paper in Synthese on KR and relevant logics is superb.

Anita Leirfall University of Bergen

Emily Silk

Hiya Sachdev SNDT Women’s University
It’s unfair to take advantage of dedicated teachers. If we don’t give the due credit to academics who work hard, what kind of culture are we promoting? What kind of values do we want the world to learn?

Melissa Wright South Coast Community Services
To whom it may concern: To replace the woman who helped advance St. Andrews by creating, building, promoting a phenomenal gender studies program, is tone deaf and fitting of an Era that does not value the insight and contributions of women in academics. I stand with Alison. This was a poor judgement. She poured her heart into this program and it shows. Correct your mistake.

Lucia Palma

Mindy Woltz

Tammy Criner

Kate Ferris University of St Andrews

Kerry McKenzie UCSD

Brett Greenfield, Open University
The university must stand by its own equality agenda whilst ensuring that the philosophy of gender is properly represented and open to students.

Katherine Williams
Alison is an amazing person and even better professor and leader. This is unjust and should not be happening

Dr Andrew Slack

Jin Seo George Washington University

Shiwen Li University of Oxford

Rachel Vecchione

Isaac Hickford University of St Andrews (MLitt 2019/20)

Alison is a fantastic person and a hard worker. She deserves far more than the end St Andrews have given her.

Cheryl Apperson Retired teacher & adjunct professor at the University of Missouri, St. Louis
I have known Alison from the time she began her own graduate studies. Through the years, her commitment and enthusiasm for her field of study, to her students and now to St. Andrews is unyielding and exemplary. She should be rewarded, not rejected. I am in my 70’s now and years ago when I attended college, my field of study (molecular biology) included very few women. I experienced a great deal of gender bias. I have watched and experienced the changes since then and much of the progress is due to people like Alison. I would have been so thankful to have a energetic and innovative professor such as Alison teaching not only me but my fellow students about all types of gender bias. Today’s students (and their families) look to world class universities now more than ever to provide them with a broad, enlightening education as they go forward in a ever-more connected and complex world. This makes her an especially valuable asset to your philosophy department. She is the future – please don’t reject that.

Rosemary Wiss
I support the protection of this program

Alison Pullen Gender, Work and Organization journal

Ciara Cremin University of Auckland

Michela Cozza Mälardalen University

Pauliina Jääskeläinen University of Lapland

Carole Elliott University of Sheffield

Peter Bloom University of Essex

Sara Persson Södertörn University, Sweden

Zoe Hemming-Clark University of st andrews

Claire Wallace-Samani

Rosemary Deem Royal Holloway University of London
Please do not make Dr Alison Duncan Kerr redundant – her work to date on gender studies has been exemplary and she should by now be receiving a permanent post, not redundancy.

Rebecca Holmes University of St Andrews

Lauren McCarthy Roy Holloway University

Hannah McCleane
Very concerning news. All the best to Alison and the team who are refusing to be silent.

Taylor Cooperman University of St Andrews

Jo Miller

Lucy Matthews

Katie Hill

Christine Wiedlack

Elizabeth Whitworth St. andrews university

Ora Matushansky CNRS

Abigail McPherson

Michaela Ernst Philosophy student at the University of St. Andrews

Anika Suares

CHT University of St Andrews

Brannon Ingram Northwestern University

Sorcha Eble St Andrews

Elisabetta Laurence

Teresa Morton Retired Principal with Los Angeles Unified School District

Katharina Newbery Leipzig University, University of St Andrews alumna

Ezzeddine Bakhit St Andrews

Cody J Britson University of Maryland

Alexandra Herrtage St Andrews

Dustin O’Hara Western Washington University

Lucile Galliano Dublin City University

Lily Sussex university

Andreea Miscov University of St. Andrews

Linda M Blum Northeastern University

Nicole Dular Franklin College

Madeleine Favre

Duncan MacGregor University of Edinburgh
In Edinburgh we often hold up St Andrews examples of progressive practises in teaching and staff management which makes this all the more disappointing. Please reconsider, particularly in an age when gender studies is such an important part of progressing our civilisation.

marton littmann University of St Andrews

Prof. Anna Klosowska Miami University

Julia Driver University of Texas/St. Andrews

Annette Martín University of Illinois at Chicago

Natalia Trujillo Columbia university
Gender programs are the bedrock of empowering marginalized groups.


Finn University of St Andrews

Ewan White

João Lemos Faculty of Engineering University of Oporto (FEUP)
All fields of study are important to the development of human knowledge. No scientific field should be extinguished specifically at a time when families are in such a delicates state and Colleges are saving money by having their physical spaces closed.

Paula Glickenhaus

Moya Bailey MIT

Sara Lević

Eleanor Grant University of St Andrews

Annecy Stevens University of St Andrews

Robert Robinson United Nations ( retired)
Having been introduced to the work of Dr. Kerr thru various sources, I have been impressed with her efforts and achievements to forge networks and dialogue advancing the subject of Gender studies. I am not familiar with the process leading to the decision of the school to make Dr. Kerr redundant but it seems that her contributions to the school and community should be carefully reviewed and hopefully reconsidered.

Hannah Smyth St Andrews

Emily Yuodsnukis University of St Andrews

Katie Peebles Marymount University

Jessica St Andrews

Oliver Hann St Andrews
This is wrong and unjust

Harry Gillespie University of St Andrews

Finn Wheatley St Andrews University

Jake University of St Andrews

Amy Agigian Suffolk University

Heather Reid

Angharad Davis Yale University (lecturer)

Ailsa Calder St Andrews University Student
From my point of view, as a woman, we need all the representation we can get and it would be a huge loss to the university and it’s students to make Dr Kerr redundant. From the university’s perspective, it will not look good on the uni to let go of a gender specialist, it will give the university a bad name and there will no doubt be inevitable repercussions. Though the reason we shouldn’t be getting rid of Dr Kerr is because of the excellent work she has contributed to philosophy, the university and it’s students, for the staff looking to promote the university, making a successful gender philosopher redundant will certainly impact the appearance of the university negatively.

Joy Sanchez-Taylor

Rebecca Spence St Andrews University

Gianluca Giammei St. Andrews Alumnus
As a former student highly involved in the St. Andrews community, I am aware of the impact that certain academics can make. Especially in times like this, it is pivotal to retain employees who can make such a significant contribution to promoting equality.

Amna Nasir

Saul Harley

Agrima Makharia St. Andrews

Lauren Holmes University of St Andrews

Teigan Cairnie St Andrew’s University

Oliver Rowlands University of St Andrews

Millie Edwards

Kasumi S University of St Andrews

Fredrik Hasselgren St. Andrews University

Stefanie Kaptue St Andrews University

Jonathan Winkler

Pekka Väyrynen University of Leeds

Colette Auyang St. Andrews

Eddie Soye Dublin
Fraternal Greetings from Dublin Solidarity Forever

Iris Nesbitt
Arts faculties in general are being closed in many universities, and Philosophy has been particularly affected. In Queens University, Belfast, it was reduced to one lecture a week in the Lifelong Learning dept., which I attended for seven years, and found life-changing. I don’t know if even this one course will recommence next autumn.

Aasta Eik-Nes

Shanen University of Edinburgh


Catherine Bentley

Rohan French University of California, Davis

Lewis Christopher O’Neill University of St Andrews

Timothy McDonald University of St Andrews

Elizabeth St. Andrews

Kristin Käuper University of Stirling
I had been considering St Andrews for postgraduate study precisely because of the focus and active community around gender and feminist philosophy, so this is a very disappointing development.

Moa Carlsson University of Edinburgh

Peter Grey University of St. Andrews

Melisa Miranda Edinburgh University
As a tutor at the University of Edinburgh and as prospect academic, I believe that this situation is unacceptable in an institution such as St Andrew. All the circumstances surrounding the problem that Dr Allison faces are extremely irregular. I express my full support to Dr Allison

Nadja Duhacek Center for Women’s Studies, Belgrade

Andrea Sangiovanni Professor of Philosophy, King’s College London

Pablo Schyfter The University of Edinburgh

Lakshmi Thiagarajan

Andrea Oliani University of St Andrews

Colm Tan University of St Andrews

Dr Marika Rose Department of Theology, Religion and Philosophy, University of Winchester

Bahrathi Keeping University of St Andrews

Tom Reed St Andrews University

Joanna McArthur

Bojana Malinovska Faculty of political sciences

Colin Jakob Rittberg Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Jamie Rees

Emma Murray University of St Andrews

Mara van der Lugt University of St Andrews

Dora Osborne University of St Andrews

Tom Smith University of St Andrews


Hannah Weir University of St Andrews

Matt Taghon Université de Lorraine

Catarina Fontoura Falmouth University

Alexandra Layne Metropolitan State University

Anja Bilanović

Giulia Lorenzi University of Warwick

Shawn jordan

Vladica Jovanovic Belgrade

Jorge Sanchez-Perez Mcmaster University

Jonny McIntosh Oxford

Gumru Ugent

Heather Nelson Self-employed


Alistair Welchman University of Texas at San Antonio

Adam Bumstead University of St Andrews

Arne Flåøyen NordForsk
Both gender balance among researchers and gender perspectives on research topics increase the quality of research and of policy decisions with implications for society. Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr’s contribution to gender research and studies at St. Andrews is invaluable. It is a great shame she looses her job.

Rae Narcissus

Kipling LSE
Pls don’t fire her thanks

W. Verdery Kerr Retired
This striking disconnect reminds of my daughter’s experience in a religion & philosophy Ph’D program less than a decade ago. Before completing her discertation, she decided enough is enough. Left the program. Her advisor noted to her “my best students leave.”

Laura Papish George Washington University

Kirk Souza
I’m a father of a transgender child that appreciates all that Dr. Kerr has done. Won’t we let Dr. Kerr continue to positively impact the lives of so many children like mine?

Matty Rosenlicht UC Berkeley

Daniel Korman University of California, Santa Barbara

Britt Paris Rutgers University

Emma Johnston University of St Andrews

Misty Fujii-Carr Permanente Dental Associates
Standing with you Allison!

Stuart Wiet

Misty Kaiser

Cheryl Kaplan New York
It is important that Alison’s position with the University be maintained. She is doing critical work. Thank you.

Zhazgul Kochkorova Women and Gender in Global Affairs Network
I stand with Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr and ask for revision of her working contract to make it permanent given the obvious contribution she has made to enrich the curriculum and reputation at the St Andrews University.

Helen Egan Birmingham City University

Sharon Taylor
The fact that gender studies are being sidelined in this way is precisely the reason that voices such as Dr Kerr’s need to be heard.

Gary Ostertag Graduate Center, CUNY and Nassau Community College

Amy Unett Social Anthropology and Psychology

Katie Brown University of Dundee
I stand with Dr Alison Duncan Kerr. I hope for her cohort of students and for the legacy she is building through her hard work and setting up of this Masters programme, that St Andrews reconsider her redundancy and offer Alison a full time contract.

Tamara Harvey George Mason University

Eileen Cook

Sonia Kelly St Andrews

Alexander Kerr
Scotland has a reputation worldwide for excellence in education. The impact of the Scottish enlightenment led to key constitutional concepts of due process and equal protection of all, especially by governmental and educational institutions.

Elinor Layne University of St Andrews

Zoe Drayson University of California, Davis


Aleksandra Eriksen Isham University of St Andrews

Patrick Cairns Aarhus University

Dr. Anne Savage Department of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University
Dr. Kerr has shown leadership in her highly successful program. The termination of her appointment reflects badly on St. Andrews. AES

Stacy E. Wood UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry

Kirsty Hardwick University of St Andrews (MA), University of Cambridge (MPhil)
Incredibly disappointing decision after all of Dr Kerr‘s innovation and hard work for St Andrews. Decisions like these are why I left academia.

Lindsay Nielsen University of St. Andrews Scotland UK

Paul Bloomfield University of Connecticut

Daniel Star Boston University

Katie Muth Durham University

Dr. Simone Gubler University of Nevada, Reno

Marvin Gould

Evelien Geerts University of Birmingham

Jessica Feldman American University of Paris

Jose Ortiz-Angeles University of Oregon

Teresa Mendes Out of work
Do not ever give up Allison!
The subject at risk is in very great need of being discussed, so that sexual descriminaton stops once & for ever…we, the general public, must fight for acceptance & for that we need KNOWLEDGE !!!!! Many hugs & kisses to you & your family

Helena Goundry Four Corners

Iain Campbell University of Dundee

Jack Newman St Andrews

Méabh Lonergan University College Cork

Prof Alex Shepard University of Glasgow

Maud Anne Bracke Glasgow University / Ghent University

Matthew Charles University of Westminster

Michelle Felich University of St Andrews 2018 Graduate

Katharine Beutner The College of Wooster

Scott Donaldson


Alexandra Murray
As someone who studied gender as an undergraduate in St Andrews, at the time of my graduation there was no MLitt available to me should I wish to continue my studies at St Andrews. As a result I was forced to continue my studies elsewhere. Professor Kerr’s work for the university is a remarkable achievement, one that makes this university attractive to students both domestic and international. Professor Kerr should be lauded rather than made redundant.

Dylan Howel St Andrews

Michael Ridge

Alan Schrift Grinnell College, USA
This professor has proven herself as a teacher and a scholar. St. Andrews is a respected institution. She deserves a permanent appointment in your Department of Philosphy.

Kristie Poon University of St Andrews

Susan Fischer City University of New York

Dr. Kurt Brandhorst George Mason University

Monika Kovács Eötvös Loránd University Budapest

Jonny Cottrell University of Edinburgh

Milo Farragher-Hanks University of St Andrews

Dr J E Wolff University of Edinburgh

Daniella Meehan University of Glasgow

Sailee Khurjekar University of Warwick

Minja Bujakovic Central European University

Kinjal Sheth University of St Andrews, Class of 2020

Rachel Jones George Mason University

Matthew Peter Cichella

Zehra Kazmi University of St Andrews

Naima Fenderl University of St Andrews

Twana jamal University of St. Andrews

Joao Seixas University of St. Andrews

Amna Iqbal University of St Andrews

Maeve Klersfeld University of St Andrews alumn

Peter Easton Independent Enviromental Consultant, Brussels
This does not seem right at a time when we are driving for more diversity and equality, especially in the ‘old’ institutions. We still have a long way to go.

Dr. Stanley Nadel University of Portland Salzburg Austria Center

Dr. Erin Millions University of Winnipeg

Christine Byron Cardiff University
I cannot see any reason other than sexism and trying to save money by making the most senior person redundant. I am dismayed that a University with such a good reputation is willing to throw that away in making Alison redundant.

Shivalika Tiwari UNSW

Dana Trusso City University of New York

Dr. Anoosh Khan University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Although I’m a complete outsider but academia binds us together. Being a professor of Gender Studies I believe that this discipline should not be closed down in any University of the world. If we don’t facilitate Gender Studies programs and/or departments that shows how much we believe in equality and equity and hence human rights!

Anne Nadel

Teresa Roversi Università di Parma

Reverend Bethany Lowery
In my doctoral studies at the University of Chicago, the Gender Studies department was an important interlocutor. I was grateful for the conversations, research, and encouragement I received from my Gender Studies colleagues across campus. For undergraduate students, a relationship with an engaged mentor/teacher can positively change their experience of university and greatly impact the adults they become. Alison has been that for the students of St. Andrews. She and the Gender Studies department are great assets that should not be let go.

Katie Cross University of Aberdeen

Jonathan Gingerich King’s College London

Grace Stafford

Gayle Fallon Auburn University

Dr. Sarah Cummins-Sebree University of Cincinnati

Jeff Kahn
Wish I was the chancellor of a university so I could hire you…

John Williams University of St Andrews

Max de Blank CEU Gender Studies alum ’19

Alexandra Balcazar Smith College (BA) University of Sussex (MA)

Issa Sayegh University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Kenza Fares University of Potsdam (Germany)

Henry Schiller UT Austin (former St Andrews visiting student)

Joseph Duncan Leiden University

Lucy Davenport

Jack McGrath University of St. Andrews/University of Stirling
The planned redundancy of Dr. Kerr is at once baffling and disappointing. Dr. Kerr is by all accounts an outstanding academic who has never been less than exceptional in her commitment to her work, the university, her students, and her colleagues. Mistakes are made by us all. There is no doubt about that. I only hope that for Dr. Kerr and for the integrity of the University of St. Andrews that the plans to make the Dr. redundant are recognised as mistakes in their own right and are speedily withdrawn.Do not let the plan to make Dr. Kerr redundant manifest and prove to be emblematic of the low esteem that members of the academic community are unfairly and ignorantly sometimes held in.

Gareth Williams University of St Andrews

Luke Ryan St Andrews

Amelia Cook Goldenhill
Alison was my FAVOURITE lecturer in a sea of dinosaurs at St. Andrews.

Gustavo Theriaga Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
May the force be with you!

Jenna Geddes University of St Andrews

Katrina Parker University of St Andrews

Michaela Lobo University of St Andrews

Qiu Lin Duke University

Katherine Trinkaus University of St Andrews

Griffin Pion SASP (St Andrews and Stirling)

Charles Hill University of St Andrews

Katryna Wilson University of St Andrews

Sumeet Patwardhan University of Michigan

Carolyn Dicey Jennings University of California, Merced
I am an alumna of St Andrews (class of 2004). It is clear to me that Dr. Duncan Kerr offers the philosophy programme something that wasn’t available when I was a student, to my detriment. I hope that the university doesn’t miss the opportunity to retain this talent.

Jessica Isserow University of Leeds

Erin Wiebe University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kathryn Skivington University of Glasgow

Felix Langley University of St Andrews

Dr Kelly Kilpatrick University of Oxford

Marcy P. Lascano University of Kansas

Heather Logue University of Leeds

Yang Bingjing KU Leuven

Dr Sara De Benedictis Brunel University London

Sage Coles St Andrews
Cutting someone off like this is unacceptable. The university owes her and her field more than that.

Rona Broadhead University of Strathclyde
It is really disappointing to hear that St Andrews engages in such exploitative, misleading and unfair employment practices. This redundancy decision is damaging to not only Alison but the students on the course and the department. As a gender studies student at another Scottish university I would be very disappointed and disillusioned with my institution in these circumstances.

Olivia Dunderdale University of St Andrews

Lucie Randal

Konrad Lawson University of St Andrews
This is deeply disappointing. I was delighted to come across Dr Kerr’s work and invite her to contribute to the Global Social and Political Thought masters programme. Her expertise and involvement in the new Gender studies programme represents exactly the direction St Andrews should be going. This is a huge step backwards.

Samantha Harper University of St Andrews

Caroline Kim

Julie Mahaffey Healthcare

Hannah Langdon University of St Andrews

Sarah Jean hammond
I stand with Alison

Jasmine Hawkins University of Edinburgh

Zsolt Tóth University of Szeged

Tamara Czirjak

Léa Université d’Angers

Remie Christ NYC; degrees from Yale University, Dartmouth College, Tufts University

Lucy St Andrews

Teodora Yarkova

Elizabeth Faltischek NYC DOE

Charlie Mone University of St Andrews

Donna Crichton

Robin Hopes
Gender Studies is an integral part of the curriculum in most 21st century universities. It’s disappointing to learn that St. Andrews has decided not to lead with Dr. Kerr’s forward thinking but instead has chosen to fall back to past.

Rosalind Paton University of St. Andrews
I am shocked that such a dedicated, inspirational member of staff can be treated in such a dismissive and exploitative fashion. Any institution willing to flout its own policies in this manner should expect far-reaching consequences, not least the damage to its reputation. For that reason, and also because Dr. Kerr would clearly be a major loss to the university, I am hoping that sense and decency will prevail and this decision will be overturned.

David Wyper University of St Andrews

Xiang Yu Ohio State University

Mabry Sansbury University of St Andrews
As a female philosophy student, it pains me to see women steadily edged out of an already male-dominated field. A man’s perspective is not the only one I should hear, especially when contributions to major philosophical theories are predominately attributed to men, while women are relegated to fringe theories that take up a single slide.

Benjamin Kao University of St Andrews

Michael Woods

Dr. Elizabeth Bounds Emory University

Ronan Hagar University of St Andrews

Stacy Self Missouri State University
Please show Dr. Alison Kerr the respect that she deserves. Honor her dedication and value her service.

Vi Nguyen

Jared Israel Amphorae Publishing

Rebecca Coulter University of Western Ontario
What a large stain on the reputation of St. Andrew’s this leaves. How unfair and unjust that St. Andrew’s would use precarious labour in such an exploitive way and then fail to implement its own employment policies on conversion. For shame!

Sacha McMillan University of St Andrews

Rae University of St Andrews


Anna George PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Henry Jackman York University

Jeanette Sims

Ram Neta University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Maggie Herzig Associate Emerita, Essential Partners, Cambridge, MA

Dr Ekaterina Heath Sydney university

Benjamin Henwood University of Southern California

Melissa Miller The University of Notre Dame

Daniel Weltman Ashoka University

Allen Kong University of California, Santa Cruz

Richard Daly

A.M. McCarthy UCLA

Daphne International developmentstudies / gender studies

Emily Farrell

Professor EJ Renold Cardiff university

Karen Boyle University of Strathclyde

Réka Koritár

Magdalene Dimitriadou University of Massachussets Amherst

Clare Guilding Newcastle University

Natacha Kennedy Goldsmiths College, University of London

Hana Dao Stanford University

Helen Lovett Member of the public

Nadia Jones-Gailani CEU

Imke von Maur University of Onsbarück

Chia Longman Ghent University

Oliver Frank University of St. Andrews
Absolutely shameful behavior. It makes every promotional material the university puts out about being a world class and diverse institution ring hollow.

Julien Murzi University of Salzburg

Armando Lavalle Institut Jean Nicod

Janset Ozun Cetinkaya University of Nottingham

Saski Giraud-Reeves University of St Andrews

Dr Jessica Leech King’s College London

Laura Caponetto San Raffaele University

Adrian Alsmith King’s College London

Molly Earle

Anna Hotter St. Andrews

Alex Kay University of St Andrews

Lorenzo Rossi

Hana Filip Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf

Helen Beebee University of Manchester

Filipa Melo Lopes University of Edinburgh

Julia Whalen The University of St Andrews

Stella Sandford Kingston University

Khrisha Patel University of St. Andrews

Martha Morgan University of Edinburgh

Professor Kathleen Lennon University of Hull

Varya Sycheva University of St Andrews

Julia University of St Andrews

Philippa Orme University of Glasgow

Cindy Lau University of St Andrews

Rosie Cromwell University of St Andrews

Adam Carr Self-employed, director/writer
I would like to see Alison’s position at St Andrews be continued in order to fulfil St Andrews’ own aspirational claims to address diversity and representation amongst its staff and programme. Otherwise, to speak to the self-interest of St Andrews itself as an institution, St Andrews risks losing currency and credibility in any future claims, commitments and mandates.

Abbie Parish University of St Andrews

Bethany Laursen Michigan State University
I heartily agree that St Andrews should honor its promises from the Athena SWAN Action Plan and do the right thing to move Dr. Kerr to a permanent contract. The University and its students can only benefit by doing so.

Trevor Erlacher University of Pittsburgh

Jessica Albrecht University of Heidelberg

Dr Saoirse O’Shea The Open University

Dr Rebecca Mason University of Glasgow

Valerie Hey University of Sussex

Eugenia Siapera University College Dublin

Joshua Alexander Siena College

Vanita Sundaram University of York

Ayna Taira New College, University of Oxford

Mirko Prokop University of St. Andrews

Michael James

Professor Jayne Osgood Middlesex University

Claire Boyack

Noemie Jouas University of St. Andrews

Kai Hsieh University of Glasgow

Samuel Jeffries St Andrews University
Please I am begging yall to stop making dumbass decisions which directly contradict the Uni’s supposed values.

Maria de Fátima Kerr Retired
The ill-advised decision by the management team of the University of St. Andrews, to deny a permanent position with tenure, to Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr, is an indelible black mark in the NOW, NOT SO prestigious and highly regarded institution! Earn some respect and do the right thing by Dr. Kerr and your deserving students! Reverse this grave error!

Maya Marie University of St Andrews

Steven Seegel University of Northern Colorado

Ivy Turinsky University of St Andrews

Maria Velez-Serna University of Stirling

Josh Cockayne University of St. Andrews

Éadaoín Lynch

Isabella Prado

Petr Pavlik Charles University Prague

Iliana Balabanova Bulgaria

Thomas Brouwer University of Leeds

Rami El Ali Lebanese American University

Robert Aston University of St Andrews – Class of 2017

Joanne Love

Dr Dani Adams

Eva Reimers University of Gothenburg

Susan V. H. Castro, Ph.D. Wichita State University
My signature does not represent the views of my university. It represents the expert judgment of an ethics professor.

Dr. Kate Marston Cardiff University

Helen wood Lancaster university

Dillon Landi University of Strathclyde

ben stanford university

Melanie Stewart Oxford University

Jesse Gardiner University of St Andrews

Zimeng Wu Currently: University of Warwick (MA); Previously: University of St. Andrews

Rosa Terlazzo University of Rochester

Brian Weatherson Michigan

Maria Júlia Brito Lima Cascais

Maureen Jack St Andrews resident
As a former academic from many years ago, I am surprised at the level of responsibility a temporary member of staff was expected to undertake. For the university to expect to continue to reap the benefits of her work after making her redundant seems to me unethical.

Emily Michelson University of St Andrews
The university clearly would like to be proud of its record on equality, diversity, and gender. It has the chance to act on its statements. I love St Andrews adn would like to be proud of the university for doing the right thing here.

Yuwei Xu Gender and Education

Nikki Fairchild University of Portsmouth

Prof. Laurie Shrage Florida International University

Kristen Irwin Loyola University Chicago

Lawrason Anne Clement Eckerd College

Leigh-Anne Lakehead University
Gender studies programs are ever more crucial in this time in history!

Neil Tennant The Ohio State University
This is reprehensible treatment of highly qualified, hard-working talent. St. Andrews should do the right thing by Alison Kerr and both current and future students, by making her position permanent.

Marnina Gonick Mount St Vincent University, Canada
We need Women and Gender Studies more than ever. It is the wrong time to be considering shutting down this essential programme!

Haley Dutmer University of Notre Dame

Ramil Zamanov Charles University in Prague

Dr Lizzie Swarbrick University of Edinburgh
Universities subsist on the labour of precarious academics, but choose not to prioritise making new permanent appointments. This seems to be a particularly egregious case.

Professor Christine Griffin University of Bath

Natalie N Cornett Brandeis University

Steven Brown The Ohio State University
Having worked with Alison as a graduate student, and seen the influence she has had on students in our program, I can affirm that it would be foolish to lose her unique contribution to your philosophy department.

Dr Efpraxia Zamani The University of Sheffield

Paula falcao de lima Escola d. Joao Il .Portugal.Secondary School

Ellie King University of St Andrews

Dr Ruth Boeker University College Dublin

Victor Ma University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Prof Fiona Blaikie Brock University

Dr. Barbara N. Beck

Professor Kirstein Rummery University of Stirling
At a time when Gender Studies and interdisciplinary feminist scholarship are badly needed, growing in popularity and under epistemic attack, this seems a questionable decision from a prestigious institution that should be leading the way.

Georgette Central European University, Gender Studies alumna of 2018

A. Richardson-Todd Université catholique de Louvain

Marta Caravà

Zoe Berkeley University of St Andrews
Thank you Alison

Kai Milanovich University of Missouri Kansas-City

Elizabeth Scarbrough Florida International University

Yasemin Uluşahin University of St Andrews

Jennifer Clarke Robert Gordon University

Damon Stanley The Ohio State University

Julia Ruiz University of St Andrews

Marina Farima Eötvös Loránd University

Kathryn McFarland Center for Ethics and Human Values, The Ohio State University

Tommy J. Curry University of Edinburgh

Samuel Wykes

Mixie Billina University of St Andrew’s

Jodie Sutherland University of St Andrews

Elise Woodard University of Michigan

Masha Shpolberg Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina–Wilmington

Jack Sands University of St. Andrews

Luna Centifanti University of Liverpool
Solidarity! This work is really valuable and she’s the right person to do it!

Aine Bennett

Aisvarja Eassey University of California, Berkeley

James Shearer University of St. Andrews

Bryna Cortes

Ana Carina Guerra

Hugo Falcão de Lima

Alexandra Baff University of St Andrews

Michelle Robinson

Betsy Cornwell National University of Ireland Galway
Gender Studies is a vital component of any well-rounded university curriculum.

Nioma Robertson University of St Andrews

Caroline Erolin University of Dundee

Sarah Barthélemy Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles

Preston Firestone University of St Andrews

Professor Carrie Paechter Nottingham Trent University

Sarah Stewart-Smith University of St Andrews

Peter Beckett University of St Andrews
Solidarity Forever

Alex Graham University of St Andrews

Patrick O’Donnell Oakton Community College

Florence Ashley University of Toronto

Rebecca Li Elizabethtown College

Daisy Sankey University of St Andrews

Maitreyi Tusharika University of St Andrews

Amy Jordan University of St Andrews
This is an absolute outage and I am thoroughly disappointed in the University.

Laura Minor University of Leeds


Eilidh Fyfe University of St Andrews

Alex Columbia University

Bas Tönissen University of California, San Diego

Lily Bourne

Callum Robertson University of St Andrews

Marni Kerr Music Educator

Jonathan Barth University of St Andrews
As a recent graduate of St Andrews, I am frankly distraught that the university would choose to terminate the employment of such a distinguished and dedicated scholar. After instituting onslaught of austerity policies targeting pensions, the university seems determined to undermine its own reputation and discourage initiative, integrity, and dedication from its faculty.

Lisa Lorea

Penny Hamel
It’s time to live in this century and stop treatment like this!

Amie evans Owner at union ramsgate
I agree that it is very for feminism and gender studies to be an integral part of education. Good luck Alison x

Barbara H. Partee University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tommy Zhang University of Oxford (student)

Amy Duong

William Geffroy Dashe University of St Andrews

Jeffrey Flynn Fordham University

Sam St Andrews

Sophie Duncan-Shepherd University of Strathclyde

Sarah Millar University of St Andrews

Michael O’Connor Balliol college, Oxford

Rosemary Stewart
As an elderly, complete outsider I was shocked to read that such a prestigious University could dispense with an expert studying one of the most important subjects to have arisen during recent times. Someone with experience who can prepare her students to take their knowledge out into the world to help confused young people make life changing decisions.

Schneur Newfield Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York

Sisi Huang University of St Andrews

Sarah Greer University of St Andrews

Justin D’Arms Ohio State University

Adam J Roberts King’s College London

Wesley Kirkpatrick University of St Andrews

Justin Weinberg University of South Carolina

Maria Pavlovec LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science

Matthew Bosica University of St Andrews

Sam Thomson University of St Andrews

Emily Winchip Zayed University

Dr. Mark T. Lafrenz Marian University

Helena Matza University of St Andrews

Layne Garrelts Ohio State University

Marie Simmons

Lea Kristin Würtenberger Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

Paul Flaig Film Studies, University of St Andrews

Fiona Stevenson University of St Andrew’s 4th year

Nikki Ernst University of Pittsburgh

Tuan H. Nguyen Copy Editor at The Interpreter (
Academia in the 21st century must embrace the equitable education and employment instead of eliminating ethical and dedicated individuals. I’d like to ask the University of St. Andrews to have a fair treatment with Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr.

Isabelle Sturt University of St Andrews

Jasmine Lees University of St. Andrews

Sherri Makhijani University of St Andrews

Selim Heers University of Oxford

Bethany Hitchen University of Stirling

Dr. Dana Rognlie Worcester State University

Dr. James Humphries University of Glasgow

Willow Baxter University of St Andrews

Will Fleisher Northeastern University

Ailsa Wrinn University of St Andrews

Ayumi Taniguchi Tokyo
I am a prospective student considering Gender Studies MLitt. I was shocked to hear this news, because I wanted to take her class some day at St. Andrews. I hope I will be able to meet Dr. Kerr at St. Andrews!

Michelle Jordan-Frias
Please consider closely your values on display through this decision.

Daniela Jauk University of Akron

Jonathan Fabella

Takaharu Oda Trinity College Dublin

Dr Stuart Lawson Edinburgh Napier University

Prof. Dr. Roe Fremstedal NTNU

Michelle Ciurria UMSL

Vidya Ravilochan The New School for Social Research

John Fan University of Oxford

Liz Morrish Visiting Fellow, York St John University

Mark Pendleton The University of Sheffield

Professor Anna M. Klobucka University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Chiara Martini University of Oxford

Hadeel Naeem The University of Edinburgh

Ava Rawson

Meriam Mabrouk Birkbeck University of London

Zoey Lavallee CUNY Graduate Center

Damien Ramirez
One would think such a prestigious institution would have no issue following through on its promises. Some promises are hard to keep , but when it comes to such a person like Dr. Kerr, it is the least one could do.

Emeli Smith University of Edinburgh

Nathanial Gawthrope Edinburgh Napier University

Robert N. Johnson University of Missouri

Zoe du Bois

Louise Antony University of Massachusetts and Rutgers University
The breadth and depth of campus support for the Institute for Gender Studies testifies to the importance of this field for scholars and students across the disciplines. In my 30+ years in academia, I have found again and again that students find their work in gender studies to be central to their educational development, regardless of their main field of study. Prof. Kerr has done an outstanding job creating and nurturing the Institute. She should be cherished and rewarded, not fired. Shame on St. Andrews.

Rue Thomas

Dr. Lilith Acadia National Taiwan University
As a St Andrews alumna, I am embarrassed on the university’s behalf, and urge them to reconsider this mistake.

Emma Sarantopoulos University of St Andrews

Lorraine Mccoll
Do the right and decent thing for this woman.

Amanda Stewart University of St Andrews

Emma Dalhuijsen Uni of St Andrews

Victoria Tracy

Hope Penwell University of St Andrews

Professor Alison Stone Lancaster University

Joseph Levine University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Ryan Olsen UMass Amherst

Ann Ferguson Professor emerita, Philosophy and Women,Gender, Sexuality Studies, UMass Amherst

Samantha insall University of st andrews

T Sherlock University of St Andrews

Callie Phillips University of Notre Dame

P.J. Gorre New School/Pratt Institute

Anya St George Fonstein

Emily Lacey University of St Andrews

Ben Logan University of St. Andrews

Simone Picenni University of Bristol

Conor McHugh University of Southampton

Andrea Pető CEU
Gender Studies is under attack globally. Very sad that this is also happening at University of St. Andrews. May be it is not too late to change this decision.

William Cunningham

Catherine webber Retired teacher of Philosophy at a Bradford Secondary school
I would urge a reconsideration of this decision.

Alenka Mrakovcic

James Camien McGuiggan Trinity College, Dublin
St Andrews is one of my almae matraes, making this particularly disappointing.

Henna Auerbach University of St Andrews

Joshua Clarke University of Cambridge
I had the fortune of being taught By Dr Duncan-Kerr during my undergrad at St-Andrews. Her module on the philosophy of Feminism and Gender was deeply eye-opening to me at the time and has continued to influence the way I view the world. It was one of the hardest modules I studied, but encouraged the most reflection. If education cannot embrace equality amongst its own ranks, how can it be expected to educate the future on the importance of tearing down institutionally discriminatory barriers? Dr Duncan-Kerr has gone above and beyond the demands of her role, this deserves to be recognised.

Professor Tristram McPherson Ohio State University

Yelena Furman UCLA

Anita M Superson University of Kentucky

Robert Graham Retired, NYC
I support Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr in this matter and kindly request that the University re-examine anew their commitment to fairness and the issues raised above.

Anuj Puri University of St Andrews

Christine D. Worobec Northern Illinois University

Anna Malavisi Western Connecticut State University

Gergana Hardy George Mason University student

Jessica Ringrose UCL

Jana Michaličková Charles University, Prague

Ľubica Kobová Charles University, Prague

Marylyn Rosenvist University of St Andrews

James Bastone The Open University in Scotland
This academic has gone above and beyond for the University of St Andrews, producing value far exceeding her wage. It appears not only unfair to her and those she works with but also to be a very poor business decision to let such a valuable colleague go.

Niël Conradie RWTH Aachen University

Susan MacArthur
Dear St Andrews please don’t be an institution that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Buck the neoliberalism trend and start valuing your people. And the value they in turn bring to you.

Anna cowan University of Glasgow

Melanie Hartley Campaign Against Living Miserably

Greg Rupik University of St. Michael’s College

Maja Juszczakiewicz lewis St. Andrews student

Joseph Luke St Andrews

Edith Lee

Grace Betteridge University of St. Andrews

Cassidy University of St Andrews

Rae Conway

Gigi Atkins Owen Mumford Ltd.
Please follow through the words you have spoken.

Janet Lovett St Andrews

A Geyer University of Dundee

Natasha thomson

Alana Foster University of St. Andrews

Adam Rektor Polanek University of St Andrews

Andrew Blaikie University of st andrews

Dr. Nick Brancazio University of Wollongong

Liliana Potter

Jamie Campbell

Sarah Black

Marianna Panteli University of St Andrews

Nan Moorman

Grayce Butterworth University of St Andrews

Hugh Barford

Lily Coleman University of St Andrews

Tim Wilson St Andrews

Elizabeth Brown
This is unfair and the University of St Andrews management should be ashamed of itself.

Will Hornett University of Sheffield

Dr Jamie Cawthra University of York

Martyna Majewska School of Art History
I have attended feminist reading groups run by Dr Kerr and it proved an experience of immense interdisciplinary and community-building value. She is an invaluable asset to our university.

Catarina Dutilh Novaes VU Amsterdam/University of St. Andrews

Caitlin Whiteley St. Andrews

Sohni Chakrabarti University of St Andrews
Dr. Alison Duncan Kerr’s contribution towards University of St Andrews is enormous. StAIGs is one of the most diverse, interdisciplinary and inclusive research networks I have been a part of.

Grace Rae
Reverse the decision to make Dr Kerr redundant, she is an asset to the university and should be supported accordingly.

Charlotte Davies University of St Andrews

Patrick Greenough

Ben McAuley University of St Andrews

Juliet Floyd Boston University, Philosophy
Keep her and enjoy future successes.

val mckee

Dr Nina Kane University of Huddersfield

Emily Dow St Andrews University

Sophie Nagler University of Oxford and Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy

Tanishka Naithani

Nina Koshy

Rosie Manford University of St Andrews

Justin Snedegar University of St Andrews

Rosalind Carr Birkbeck, University of London

Dr. Eliza Steinbock Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society
I stand in solidarity with my Gender Studies colleague, with precarious university workers everywhere. You must repair the harm done!

Ana Maria Sapountzi University of St Andrews

Calder McClure University of St Andrews

Marta Suarez Manchester Metropolitan University

Rohit Rao University of Glasgow

Diana Cox Self employed

Chinmaya Nagpal University of St Andrews

Steven Diggin University of Oxford

Freddie Johnson Edinburgh college
please reconsider

Lily N

Hampton Toole University of St Andrews

Imran Hashmi University of Birmingham

Nicole Matthews Macquarie University

Samia Hesni Boston University

Mark Alfano Macquarie University

Dr Alex Miller Tate King’s College London

A scoot University of St. Andrews

Alasdair Mulholland University of glasgow
Temporary contracts are no excuse to treat your staff poorly and shouldn’t be used in the first place, stand by your commitment to diversity

Dr Hannah Holtschneider University of Edinburgh

Tristan Henderson University of St Andrews

Franz Berto University of St Andrews

John Boy Leiden University
solidarity in precarity

Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic Aarhus University

Aura Lehtonen University of Northampton

Professor Kay Standing Liverpool John Moores University

Lauren Crichton University of Glasgow

Dr Louise Livesey University of Gloucestershire
Having been through the closure of two similar gender programmes, I ask you to reconsider. I continually get asked by students why there are not more gender programmes available in the UK – I struggle to find another answer other than sexism. Please don’t join the list of Universities which blatantly ignore the hard work of women in hard University recruitment times to suceed in making such courses successful, undermine their own purported equality agenda and further exacerbate inequities and inequalities.

Dr Phil Burton-Cartledge University of Derby

Annalisa Muscolo University of St Andrews

Elisabeth Speyerl

Erin Turnbull University of St. andrews

Olivia Cuevas University of St Andrews

Hana Schloz University of St Andrews

Andrew Tedder Czech Academy of Sciences

Leigh-Ann Booth St Andrews

Fiona Williams University of Dundee
In a world that is getting smaller, it is vital that academia and interdisciplinary work expands to signify the constantly changing environment in which we operate. By making Dr Alison Duncan Kerr redundant, the university is risking narrowing the field that she teaches in and closing down opportunities for women in academia.

Pema I’Anson University of St Andrews alum

Anna McEwan University of Glasgow

Lena Wånggren University of Edinburgh

Gillian Brunton

Conor Morris

Eilidh Harris University of Glasgow

Liam Rogers University of Warwick

fayaz kacho PhD International Relations University of St Andrews
Acknowledging the contribution, working on plurality, diversity and acting on it is the first step towards inclusivity. I am sure the university will act accordingly.

Dr. Will Gamester University of Leeds

Dayton Kinney Duke University

Zanna Clay Durham University

Lj Gray University of Stirling
We stand with Alison in dismantling the prejudices faced by women in academia.

Dr. Jennifer Gleason The Ohio State University

Lottie Doherty St Andrews

Ellery Haak St Andrews

Katie Campbell University of Glasgow

Laura Fearnley Glasgow university

David Archibald University of Glasgow

Rebecca Sweeney

Alejandra López Michigan State University

Lynsey McCombe University of Strathclyde
I stand with Alison.

Nicholas Drake Australian National University

Sarah Budasz Durham University (St Andrews Alumna)

Kate Chedgzoy Newcastle University

Erin McCarthy St. Lawrence University

Alex Deich University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

Tawny Whaley Sdsu

Shiraz Hussain

A. Joseph Layon, MD Univ Central Florida College of Medicine

David García Aguiar Universidad Iberoamericana León

Dyani Johns Taff Ithaca College

Kevin Timpe Calvin University
William H. Jellema Chair
Department of Philosophy Gender Studies Faculty

Rena Leizerman University of Toledo, OH – Lecturer in Law

Savannah Smith

Mariana Pissarra

Barbara Cohn Cornell University

Janette Dinishak University of California, Santa Cruz

Jordan MacKenzie Virginia Tech

Anna Smith

Farah Bakaari

Dr Mark Thakkar University of St Andrews
If Alison’s contributions are not sufficient for her position to be made open-ended after 3 years’ service, it is hard to imagine how anyone’s could be. The university should put its money where its “policy on the use of fixed term and standard contracts” is.

Fiona McNevin University of St. Andrews

Ruth Mckechnie

George Cooper University of St Andrews

Simon Evnine University of Miami

Candice Amich Vanderbilt University, USA

Karyn M

Sonia University of St Andrews

Donna Bergemann

Jeanette Scharp Retired MSW
We have seen Alison’s commitment to students and the program she created. It is hard to believe the University has chosen to eliminate her position. The honor she has brought to St Andrew’s is broken and will not go unnoticed by the philosophy community.

Dr. Eric Carter North Carolina State University

R A Briggs Stanford University

Zeinab Bhamjee University of St Andrews

Nathaniel Krenkel Team Love Records
Read the room…

Sallie Barnes

M.A. Parks UC Davis

Carlotta Moro University of St Andrews

Matt Weiner University of Vermont, Department of Philosophy
Threatening Alison Duncan Kerr’s position sends a chilling message about the university’s view of the importance of feminist philosophy. She should be kept on to keep running the program that she has been clearly running well.

Clare Horrocks Liverpool John Moores University

Amy Gilligan University of Aberdeen

A Khela University of St Andrews

Pauline Dobson (ME) Newcastle NSW Australia
I fully support the retention of Alison and her important work on gender equality.

Eleanor Farley University Schools Trust
As a St Andrews alumna from the School of English Women, Writing, and Gender cohort, I am appalled at the treatment of Dr Kerr. I expect this letter and all others received about her position within the university to be considered dutifully and carefully and I call upon the university to stand by its own equalities agenda, honour the commitment to the Athena SWAN charter, honour the commitment to the School’s Athena SWAN action plan, and to stop taking advantage of the hard work of early career academics in insecure contracts – but also to recognise the importance of Gender studies within the university and the blatant gender bias of staff within your university.

Dr Mirna Solic University of Glasgow

Catherine Trinity College Dublin
Gender studies is inherently interdisciplinary, and thus difficult, and the establishment of a successful Centre and M.Litt in only three years shows an extraordinary ability to collaborate and manage differing academic interests and expectations. To make an academic redundant after extracting such an enormous labour from them suggests a capitalist cynicism unworthy of such a great university, and utterly contrary to any institutional work on equality and diverdity.

Sebastian Rand Georgia State University

Cllr Graham Campbell Rector Candidate Glasgow University

Christina Chalache

Dr Bridget Vincent University of Nottingham
There is a clear case for continued employment here: not to continue it would contravene the University’s own guidelines.

Pete Illson

Nicholaos Jones University of Alabama in Huntsville

Kate Symons University of Edinburgh

Brian Hay (Retired) formerly St. Peter’s College
I stand with Alison.

Kristin Hopley University of St Andrews

David W. Scharp, MD Prodo Laboratories, Inc, Scharp Lacy Research Institute
The importance of Alison Kerr, PhD in establishing such an important new academic program at St Andrew’s Gender Studies over the last 4 years that has achieved such a positive international academic reputation in its first operational year that is already bringing such a positive response to the University makes the decision to drop her from the University’s faculty is one that is simply ignorant and foolish. Please rethink this very poor decision, as St Andrew’s reputation is at stake. I was formerly Professor of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO

Anna McLeod University of St. Andrews

Marija Spirkovska Justus Liebig University, Germany

Anna Moffat University of St Andrews

Eyja M. Brynjarsdottir University of Iceland

Erin Bell

Jodell Born

Ethan Dodd University of Exeter

Nicky Reeves University of Glasgow

Helen Compton York St John University

Subrena Smith University of New Hampshire
I have known Prof. Duncan Kerr for many years. I regard her highly as a philosopher. I was disturbed to hear that her employment is to be terminated. I strongly urge the university administration to reconsider. Prof. Subrena Smith

Zhao Zhao PhD L’Oréal China
Diversity is key to humanity and social development. While the internet is losing diversity and gaining restrictions, philosophy and academia should be going down the same route.

Christina Dobrzynski
It’s important that the University continue a programme that supports diverse student and practitioner thinking around gender and equality. Dr. Kerr created a perfect environment to continue these studies, she’s passionate about their importance for the students and university, and is willing to continue all the hard work she has already invested. Her position must be made permanent.

Eilidh Marshall University of St Andrews

Elvira Basevich University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Brian McLean

James H Taylor Univ. of Central Missouri

Vivian Garciacano

Elisa Magri Boston College

Harriet Isherwood St Andrews

Susannah Moore Eastern Mennonite University

Mercedes Ortega

Aleta Quinn University of Idaho

Steven Morrison University of Nottingham

Elizabeth Zacharias Owens

Julie Webber Illinois State University

Yifei Wang

Victoria Corrêa Tavares UFSC – Brazil

Beatriz Cifuentes

Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson Syracuse University


Jerry Tomala

Denise Lee

Sarah Robins University of Kansas

Ben Pershouse Woburn
Please take a good look at your priorities and this woman’s achievements. She is an asset to your university. Thank you.

Dr. Ann Garry Calif State Univ Los Angeles

Jennifer Beveridge Disney World of English (Hong Kong)

Catherine Wearing Wellesley College

Julia Ann Voss Santa Clara University

Josh Hunt University of Michigan

Jessica Lewis Yale University
This is unacceptable treatment of faculty.

Helen Daly Colorado College

Evan Thomas The Ohio State University

Rebekah Sinclair University of Oregon

Huang Zhengyue Universität Wien

Elyse Zavar University of North Texas

Manasa Gopakumar Temple University

Katherine Luking Washington University in St Louis

Colin Elliott Washington University in St. Louis
We #StandwithAlison

Gayle Campbell

Nausheen Pasha University of Houston

Julia Istomina Yale

Margaret Cotter-Lynch Southeastern Oklahoma State University
As a gender studies scholar, I am horrified to hear of Dr. Kerr’s dismissal, and attendant devaluation of St. Andrew’s gender studies program.


Jennifer Sacco Quinnipiac University

Elise Robinson University of Georgia

Caroline Shaw Bates College

Julie Porr

Erica Preston-roedder Occidental College

Angela Colistra Large academic health network
Gender studies and education is needed now more than ever.

Luke Roelofs New York University

Sarah Trocchio Ridee University

Sukhman Chahal University of British Columbia

Megan Hooker

Susan Stark Bates College

Amanda Adams Muskingum University

Paul Hayes University of Missouri

Heather Olson Beal, PhD

Frank Trotz I work from hone as a potter and a theatre writer.
Do not let this happen. Alison deserves a much better support from the university. With all of the work that she has done on gender issues, she should be lauded for this work, and not be pushed out of the university.

Michael O’Rourke Michigan State University

Sara M Wolff University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

Abbie Meikle University of Glasgow

Eva Kittay Stony Brook University—retired

Elizabeth Hoag Cleveland, Ohio

Evelyn Hoon University of St Andrews
St Andrews cannot continue to preach diversity and equality when it’s behaviour, as shown in the case of Dr Kerr, directly opposes these values. It’s high time for these values to be put into action, not disregarded under the term “redundancy”.

Agnese Di Riccio The New School

Aryn Bartley Lane Community College

Yin Fung Ng st andrews

Chelsea Rae Kerr

Vanessa Silvera University of St Andrews

Jessica Ford University of Newcastle, Australia

Mailiki Patterson

Heather Marula

Dominika Komender University of St Andrews

Dr Christos Hadjioannou University of Cyprus

Ann-Marie Akehurst

Emily Jane Hogg University of Southern Denmark

Dr. Elizabeth Allison California Institute of Integral Studies

Eric Schliesser University of Amsterdam

Kate Cowcher

Dr Elizabeth Tapscott Lindsey Wilson College

Elly Vintiadis Deree- The American College of Greece

Lambert Higuera

Huaming Xu University of Leeds

Paul Thompson PhD candidate, School of English, University of St Andrews.

Eric Lybeck University of Manchester

Geoff Keeling Stanford University

Dr Pete Cannell Open University

Cristina Costa Durham university
Please do the right thing. Acknowledge this scholar’s contribution to the success of your institution

Biagio Mazzella University of Bologna

Sasha Corr Alumni of St Andrews

Dr João Florêncio University of Exeter

Ellie Crothers

Fiona Mackay University of Edinburgh
As Director of GenderED, the University of Edinburgh’s interdisciplinary hub for gender and sexuality studies, I urge St Andrews to revisit its decision.

Jeremy Wyatt University of Waikato

Dr Lydia Farina University of Nottingham

Helena Kobayashi-Wood University of St Andrews

Ian Reid

Bren Markey University of St Andrews alumnus

Emma K. Atwood University of Montevallo

Yvonne Huetter-Almerigi University of Bologna

Matteo Catanzano UCL

Aaron J Cotnoir University of St Andrews

Francesca Perkins-Taylor University of St Andrews

Gair Dunlop DJCAD, University of Dundee

Jack Slater GMB

Rachel Stocker Newcastle University

Callum Clarke University of St Andrews

Melissa Kerr Chiovenda Zayed University Abu Dhabi

Dr Anna Notaro University of Dundee

Patrick Barth University of St Andrews

Steven French University of Leeds

Geertje Bol University of Oxford

Yuri Cath La Trobe University

David Ripley Monash University

Abhi Ruparelia University of Richmond

Alexanne Dieu London School of Economics

Zoey Dunmore Leicester

Dr Graham Lee University of Bern
As an alumni of the University of St Andrews, it is extremely disappointing to hear of Dr Kerr’s pending redundancy. I hope the university can reverse course and retain this highly accomplished scholar.

Reinosuke Kusano University of St Andrew’s

Lisa Bastian

Mhairi Wild University of Dundee

Dario Mortini University of Glasgow

Ilinca Vanau University of St Andrews graduate

Fiona Morton St. Andrew’s University

Anouschka Foltz University of Graz

Anna Vittinghoff University of Edinburgh

Timothy Scriven The University of Sydney

Ben Sachs University of St. Andrews
Dr. Kerr is a major asset to the Department of Philosophy and to the University, and her departure would be an enormous loss to absorb.

Sofia Gurevich Univeristy of St Andrews

Calum Stewart St Andrews

Saffron Taylor University of St Andrews

Maria Mackenzie

Lindsay Torguson

Deming Rohlfs University of St Andrews

Elisa Sajed University of Strathclyde

Dr Rose Harris-Birtill Birkbeck, University of London

Mairi Edwards University of Strathclyde

Michael L. J. Greer Graduate Center, CUNY

Leslie Cunningham
Solidarity from an unemployed Unite member.

Casey Johnson University of Idaho

Eilidh MacDonald University of Strathclyde

Katie Young University of Strathclyde

Dr Lydia Hayes University of St Andrews

Sanford Eigenbrode University of Idaho

Karl Aho Tarleton State University

Sarah Firisen UiPath

Rhiannon Quinn University of Stirling

Diana Flemming University of Strathclyde
The MSc Applied Gender Studies programme at the University of Strathclyde StAndWithAlison.

Janelle Gagnon Doctoral student, Stony Brook University

Dr. Manuel Gustavo Isaac University of St Andrews
Signed in my own capacity, with full support!

Kate Wright University of Edinburgh

Soyeong An The Ohio State University

Paul B Rimmer University of Cambridge

Holly Caplan

Aine Markham MSF International

Sameera Kalra New York, NY

Chantelle Lau St Andrews

Mx Avery Hawkins University of St Andrews

Robin McKenna University of Liverpool

Joanne O’Hara

Azzurra Crispino Austin Community College, Philosophy

Amy Manvell

Emma Bond University of St Andrews

Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani

Pedro Monque CUNY Graduate Center

Theo Day St. Andrews University
This is a disgrace. Not how the university should represent themselves.

Mary Mickley State of Ohio

Julz Donald I stand with Alison

Daniela Guerrero

Mark Winter St. Andrews

Sivilay Phommisouk University of Strathclyde

Lewis Selfridge University of St Andrews

Jack Lyness University of St Andrews

Zoe Ashton The Ohio State University

Professor Jane Greaves Cardiff University

Pamela Snite Kerr Northwestern University
You and your institution will be judged by how you treat those who labor tirelessly to advance academia.

Tom Cochrane Flinders University, Adelaide

Nicholas J. Tucker Career Coach
As a member of the Alumni Board of Monmouth College, I understand and the support these types of studies to help ensure the next generations of leaders are better prepared to be more inclusive for all.

Christiana Gregoriou University of Leeds

Paul-Michael Irvin UC Berkeley

Tao Chen University of St Andrews

Katherine Caldwell CUNY Grad Center

Kate Manne Cornell University

Robyn Harris University of Strathclyde
I stand in solidarity with Dr. Kerr as a student of gender studies and as a feminist. Her work is invaluable and it would be at a great cost to St. Andrews’ reputation to go ahead with her dismissal.

Jakub Sokolowski University of St Andrews

Lynn CHIU University of St. Andrews Visiting Scholar & Consultant

Seamus Parratt University of St Andrews

Aastha Srivastava

Robert Colter University of Wyoming

shay welch spelman college

Daisy Richards De Montfort University

Eloise Pearson Leeds Teaching Hopsitals

Dr Dafina Paca Cardiff University
Make her permanent!

Maxence Terrollion Université du Québec à Montréal
Such a behaviour from a university shall not be tolerated as it encourages a decaying state of affair in which masculinity is priotirized over academic skills. I stand with Alison and with the equality that shall be respected in every university across the globe.

Keroline Gnandt University of Cambridge

Kim McKee Stirling University

Susannah Gray

Adam Etinson University of St Andrews

Dr Kate McMillan King’s College, London

Tracy Tylka Ohio State University

Emma McClure University of Toronto

Berry Steiner
I stand with Alison.

Helen Morris Edinburgh University

Caroline Gatt University of Aberdeen & National Lottery Community Fund

Giulia Borrini University of St Andrews

Anne University of St Andrews

Belinda Reilly University of St Andrews

Camryn Kruger Valley Beth Shalom, Los Angeles
As the Director of Youth Engagement at one of the largest Conservative Synagogues in the United States, I believe it is imperative that the study of gender and gender identity is available to all. Understanding the science and cultural evolution of gender creates a space for exploration and deeper knowledge and acceptance of the subject. It is vital to the social-emotional mindfulness curriculum being taught world-wide.

Maddie University of St andrews

Sebastian Tatum MSc Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews

Luz Cáceres University of Glasgow

Ellen Mbuqe

Ally Day University of Toledo

Yixuan Wu LMU Munich

Dr. Taine Duncan University of Central Arkansas

Jeff Engelhardt Dickinson College

Bobbi M Wilds Marion City Schools – Special Education EBD unit

Lara Tillotson

Ali Morshedlou University of Cincinnati & Mississippi State University

Dr Bee Hughes Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University & Artist in Residence, IGS, Centre for Contemporary Art & School of Art History, University of St Andrews
This redundancy will be a huge loss to the university, in terms of expertise, student experience and gender diversity. I urge the University to reverse this decision.

Sara Augustin

Erin K Carlile


Lina Weber St Andrews

Lauren Stark Bowdoin College

Olivia Mckenna St. Andrews

BERLAND Jean-Marc Limoges- France

Dr Linda Andersson Burnett Uppsala University

Tiana Fischer NUI Galway, alumna of St Andrews

Josh Mcloughlin UCL

Zuzana Sekeráková Búriková anthropology

Dr Kate Antosik-Parsons Trinity College Dublin

Carolina Flores Rutgers University – New Brunswick

Anna Bernard King’s College London

Tilly Leeman University of St Andrews

Karen Frost-Arnold Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Vanessa Wills George Washington University
Dr. Kerr has done groundbreaking, necessary work to launch and foster Gender Studies research at the University of St. Andrews. It is work that directly serves the university’s mission and that contributes immeasurably to the academic community in Scotland and internationally. I call upon St. Andrews to make good on its commitment to recognize Dr. Kerr’s dedication to her work at the school with an offer of permanent employment. It is a question of what’s right and also of what is right for the university and for the academy. The university’s current plan to go back on its commitments will strike quite a deep blow to StAIGS, the Gender Studies MLitt program, and a scholar whose demonstratedly visionary and unique contributions to the academy are clear.

Molly Ziegler

Daniel Garibay Garcia University of St. Andrews

Rebecca Yates

Thomas Reid University of St Andrews

Teia Swan University of St Andrews

Lucy Coatman University of St Andrews

Catherine Villanueva Gardner University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
It is hard to imagine how the administration justified this decision to themselves. Even harder to imagine how they can sleep at night.

Alper Yavuz Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul

Harry S St Andrews

Fay Niker Stirling

Summer Jameson University of St Andrews

Andree Coatman

Lesley Groom

Sameer Talcherkar

Heather Taylor University of Lancaster
Alison taught one of my favourite modules in my final year at St Andrews – the philosophy of love and sex. It turned everything I thought I knew on its head and had one of the most interesting and diverse reading lists I ever came across while a student at St Andrews. The quality of teaching I experienced with Alison was exceptional, so much so that I wrote to her upon my graduation to thank her for inspiring me and express my interest in enrolling on her Gender Studies postgraduate programme after a couple of years of work experience. I am now actively applying for postgraduate programmes and to think Alison wouldn’t be a part of gender studies at St Andrews going forward is hugely disappointing to say the least. I urge you to reconsider this decision!

Catherine Spencer University of St Andrews

Bhavesh Ralmil University of St.Andrews Graduate 2020

Samuel Reid-Harper University of St. Andrews

Jami Warren University of Kentucky, US

Patricia Cipollitti CUNY Graduate Center

Julie Abayomi Edge Hill University

P Dehal St Andrews

Kieran McConaghy University of St Andrews

Adrian Aboyoun Université Catholique de Louvain

Shane Henckel University of Massachusetts

Chris Hu University of Edinburgh

Nina Del Rivero Universidad La Salle

Octavia Chappell University of St Andrews

Joe Lippitt University of St Andrews

Lisa Kretz University of Evansville

Jade Fletcher New College of the Humanities

Naomi Scheman University of Minnesota, USA, emerita

Dr Jessica A. Volz Independent Scholar; Senior Communications Administrator (Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP)
Gender Studies and Women’s Studies are critical if we are to foster a more equitable world. For the University to suspend such an area of focus is philosophically unsound.

Maureen Eckert UMASS Dartmouth

Joshua Paschal Indiana University
Another example of why contingent employment contracts are deeply exploitive and should have no justifiable place in academia.

Megan McCully University of St Andrews

Elizabeth Bowie University of St. Andrews

Tomin Thaickal

Professor Nasar Meer University of Edinburgh

Monica Fernandez

Jane Dawson

Beth Watson Hurstpierpoint College

Kirsten Lloyd The University of Edinburgh

Andrew D Kerr Retired
Retired CFO of Lake Forest Academy, a four year prep school in USA. I stand with Alison. Schools need to support their teaching staff. Alison has done a wonderful job for her profession, for her students and profitable for her institution. This should be recognized and hailed and supported by university administration. And Alison should receive tenure.

Jack William

Elvira London
This is a difficult time. But universities should preserve the people who make them great!

Ava Killbourn Uni of St Andrews

Zoe Schodder University of St Andrews Graduate, now at TU Berlin

Tara Byrd New York University

Dr/Professor Lorraine Code York University Toronto Canada – Professor Emerita
This distinguished scholar deserves to be feted, not to be summarily dismissed!

Kathryn Carpenter Rech Princeton University

Sam O’Brien

Yang Yang University of St Andrews

C Ravenhill Former Student at University of St Andrews

Jess Denniff Domestic Violence Partnership

GEOFFREY KERR MBA, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
A very poor business decision.

Valerie Schiller Reynolds HS, Portland, OR, US (M.Litt grad from St. Andrews)
Gender studies is becoming only more relevant to young people today and should not be lost as a central area of philosophical study at St. Andrews. Reconsider
this decision.

Alexandra Sjoberg
I stand with Alison!

Edgar Cardenas Michigan State University

Celia Hindley Civil Service UK

Catherine Thines University of Amsterdam

Anna Herbelin Former St Andrews student
This is shameful behaviour on the part of the University. Honour your teaching staff.

Dr Aness Webster University of Nottingham

Alexandra Finch

Dipanjali Roy University of St Andrews

Betty Andrews

Sasha Garwood University of Nottingham

Rafal Urbaniak University of Gdansk

Faith Chalk Chico State University
Please keep her! She is a hardworking staff member that will benefit from a stable position at your university.

Zoë Nash University of St Andrews

Jon Allen

Sophie Taylor University of St Andrews

Helena Lang McGill University

Sonya Hammer

Jessica Kelso

Andrea Rehberg Newcastle University

Jack Sagar

Dr Felicity Gee University of Exeter

Isabel Seguí University of Edinburgh

Christa Johnson University of Dayton


Lulu Eseka University of st andrews

Amy Quinn University of St Andrews

Maggie Fife The CUNY Graduate Center

Ali Kaveh Aenehzodaee Ohio State University, Department of Philosophy

Dr Rebecca Davnall University of Liverpool

Adam Stromme Trinity College, Dublin

Katie Azarow Children’s center

Kevin Scharp University of St Andrews
I stand with Alison. Always have.

Izzie Merrie St Andrews School of Medicine

Annie Ring University of Oregon

Matt Rosen University of Oxford
This decision is extremely disappointing and will doubtless detract from St Andrews’ reputation as a leader in feminist philosophy and as an institution that values those who work hard to better it and to serve its students. I urge St Andrews’ administration to reverse course.

Barry Will

Denish Jaswal Harvard University

Sarah Routley University of St Andrews

Isabelle Bakam University of St Andrews

Caroline Vestergaard University of St. Andrews

Nathan McGovern University of St Andrews

Alexandra Vail University of St Andrews

Stephanie Yardley University College London

Mackenzie Scott

Peter West Durham University

Kirsten Phelps

Vartika University of St.Andrews

Dr. Patricia Smith Century College, Mahtomedi, MN

Daniel Johnstone University of Edinburgh

Antonia Zimmermann

Claire Taylor University of st andrews

Laine Capshaw

Claudia Baldelli University of St ANDREWS

Tom Rae University of St Andrews

Raya Milushev

Teresa Kouri Kissel Old Dominion University

Cochin Florence

Ellie Cawley

Tanya Coffield Ala Costa Centers
I stand with Dr Alison Duncan Kerr.

Sophia Woodman University of Edinburgh

Dr Matthew Augustine University of St Andrews

Maia Rakovic University of St Andrews

Allison Kerper The Open University

Rachel B University of At Andrews

Logan Carnegie St Andrews

Nick Gelos University of St. Andrews

Ashab Ahmad University of St Andrews

Ariana Peruzzi University of Michigan

Ben Spigel University of Edinburgh Business School

Hadden Goodman USA
Please reconsider your decision to make Dr. Kerr redundant. Re-evaluate all she has to offer.

Andrew Whitehouse University of Aberdeen

Surina University of St Andrews
“ever to excel”

Soohyun Ahn University of Calgary

Adam Royal

Iliyana Todorova


Megan Peal Neuroscience BSc

Kelly Clancy Nebraska Wesleyan University

Karoline Paier University of British Columbia

Victoria Angelici University of Glasgow

Rachel Boote St Andrews

Orla Emberson University of St Andrews


Emma McConville St. Andrews

Helen Cammack University of St Andrews

Ben Laurence University of Chicago

Bert Baumgaertner University of Idaho

Nico Orlandi UC Santa Cruz

Craig M Stenson
Keep Alison she is amazing!!!

Dr Sophie Keeling University of Barcelona

Felicity Dean St Andrews

Philipp Schoenegger University of St Andrews

Santiago Gutiérrez Guillén Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
I find it incredibly nonsensical to lose such a valued academic meanwhile a fameinist wave rolls throught latin America with legalisations to abortion and the recognition of feminicides. As gender studies becomes a mainstream topic discussed by the general public and not only by academics and niche groups we will and have been relaying on this academics to show us the way, so now more than ever we need people like Dr. Alison to teach us about this topics

Luke Brunning University of Birmingham

Joel Butcher University of St Andrews

Emily Barclay University of StAndrews

Nicole Wyatt Head of Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary

Dr. Stephanie Derrick

Dominic Goymour St Andrews

Professor Serene Khader City University of New York

Riana Olson Work: UCLA; previously studied at: University of Glasgow and Smith college
This is truly upsetting to hear, as I hold the University of St. Andrews in high regard and this seems like a direct message against diversity and further opening students’ minds to topics that are more important than ever.

Dr Lotta Purkamo Geological Survey of Finland
This is outrageous! I would not have thought that my postdoctoral home, the academic institution that I find so prestigious could be even thinking about this!

Laura Celani

Leonor Capelier University of St Andrews
As the co-president of the feminist society at the University of St Andrews I am truly disappointed at the decision. In my degree, I have been able to expand my passion for gender studies and hope to pursue it after my undergraduate. This decision makes a precedent that the university does not value this field of academia as highly as others and that it is not worthwhile. I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr Duncan Kerr speak at this university and she is a brilliant professor. Losing the singular professor dedicated to this field is a tragedy in my eyes.

Axel Neau Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3

Dr. John Beavers Department of Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin

Dominic Salzedo St Andrews

Andrew Duncan Kerr Jr University of Oregon

E Ibrahim University of Exeter

Alicia Whitty University of St Andrews

Xintong Wei University of St Andrews and Stirling

Dr Rachel Handley Trinity College Dublin

Rongzheng Liu University of St Andrews

Aimee Joyce University of St Andrews

Sarah Carter, Indiana University Bloomington

Sabrina Au SOAS University of London

Rebecca Clark University of Oxford

Mary Peterson University of Edinburgh

Joseph Clarke

Audrey Mast

Sophia Brousset University of St Andrews

Lorenzo Sapochetti University of St Andrews

Dr Jake Wojtowicz Monroe Community College

J Adam Carter Philosophy, University of Glasgow

Irene TVBH

Aiyana D’Arcangelo University of St Andrews, MLitt 2012 (School of Management)

Lillian Perkins Ohio State University, Philosophy Department

Molo Brice EHESS

Josh Replogle University of St Andrews
I Stand with Dr Allison Duncan. Please reinstate her to her former position.

Dr Elliot Director Elevated Media LLC

Susana Solís


Julian Leidy University of St Andrews

Florent Storme

Corey J. Maley, Ph.D. University of Kansas

Laurie Woods Self employed
I have a college age daughter. She and her friends base many of the views and ultimately college selections on a university’s diversity of faculty as well as educational options supporting gender studies and diversity.
I urge you to acknowledge Dr Kerr’s outstanding work and dedication to St Andrews and name her a permanent member of your faculty.

Lisa Ryan Coronado Unified School District
Dear Decision Maker,
Choose to be a leader and let Dr Kerr continue to make the University thrive.

Alex Ehrenberg

Heather Borland University of St Andrews

Jared Lindahl Brown University

Philippa Lovatt University of St Andrews

Anushrut Ramakrishnan Agrwaal University of St Andrews
I have experience of working with Dr Duncan Kerr on an EDI committee, and have also attended multiple StAIGS events. She would be a major loss to the University

David W. Bird Saint Mary’s College of California

Natalie Smith University of St Andrews

Kathie Rose Honeywell International

Professor Emma Hart University of Pennsylvania

Kelly Thomson St Andrews University

Alfredo José Asali Infante Academia de música Fermatta, México

Maddie D University of St Andrews

Liam Kofi Bright London School of Economics

Jo Zubrow University of Memphis

EC Feiss UC Berkeley

Dana E Weir-Guffey University of Missouri

Nicola Newcastle University

Gabriella Ascanio Otero

Duncan Kremer University of St Andrews

Markus Christian Hansen Lund University
Dr Kerr was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and was one of the few individuals I met during my time at uni that actually changed my view of the world.

Dana Howard Ohio State University

Dr Michelle Deininger Cardiff University
The university should be setting an example here. It is simply exploitative to give someone this level of responsibility (establishing a thriving research institute and a growing postgraduate programme) and then not make the position permanent. The stats on the composition of the department are woeful and point to a broader context in which female researchers are neither valued nor promoted.

Juliette Ferry-Danini University of Toronto

Dr Natasha Saunders University of St Andrews

Dr. Michael D. H. Yates Rikkyo University, Tokyo
Academics, internationally, stand with Dr. Kerr.

Jeanne Political Science

Long Tran St Andrews

Vivek Sivadev St Andrews

Anna West Fordham University

Santiago Gutiérrez Guillén ITAM
I find it incredibly nonsensical to lose such a valued academic meanwhile a fameinist wave rolls throught latin America with legalisations to abortion and the recognition of feminicides. As gender studies becomes a mainstream topic discussed by the general public and not only by academics and niche groups we will and have been relaying on this academics to show us the way, so now more than ever we need people like Dr. Alison to teach us about this topics

Felicity Dean St Andrews

Philipp Schoenegger University of St Andrews

Santiago Gutiérrez Guillén Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
I find it incredibly nonsensical to lose such a valued academic meanwhile a fameinist wave rolls throught latin America with legalisations to abortion and the recognition of feminicides. As gender studies becomes a mainstream topic discussed by the general public and not only by academics and niche groups we will and have been relaying on this academics to show us the way, so now more than ever we need people like Dr. Alison to teach us about this topics

Dr. Jean M. Pacewic Oregon Health Sciences University

Angus Allan University of Edinburgh

Theron Pummer St Andrews

Jamie Locke-Jones University of St Andrews

Tracy Paton

Laura Frye-Levine, PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nicôle Meehan University of St Andrews

Miranda Gosling


Denise Kelly University College Dublin
Sending solidarity from the UCD MAP chapter.

Assoc. Prof Katherine O’Donnell University College Dublin

Caitlin Ridgway University of St Andrews

Joel Chow National University of Singapore
Dr. Kerr has demonstrated both research, teaching, and administrative excellence. It stands to reason that she should be a permanent faculty. Her commitment and passion is clear for all to see, and a university truly committed to equality and diversity should recognize her efforts and significant constributions.

Julieta Sierra Banegas Prepa IBERO

Niamh Moore University of Edinburgh

Ally Barber Southern Methodist University

Felicia Martinez Saint Mary’s College of California

Emma Craig University of St Andrews
Why would I want to be part of an institution that takes advantage of the hard work and passion of female professionals and blatantly does not value the importance of gender studies?

William Brown

Bernard Lee University of St Andrews

Hasen Khudairi

Amy Barrett University of Missouri

Cecily Norbury

Anna Ewing University of St Andrews


Dominik Boll University of St Andrews/University of Stirling (SASP)

Jennifer Hefner, PhD Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Sophie Bretagnolle Université du Québec À Montréal

Elizabeth Hawken St Andrews

Luna Komatsuda Williams University of St Andrews

Kristina L Gladfelter U of Central Missouri, USA

Kimon Sourlas-Kotzamanis University of Oxford

Ashley Post

Lauren Leydon-Hardy Amherst College

Annie Adair University of St Andrews

Jules Monroe

Harry Dyer University of East Anglia

Alessandro Rossi University of St Andrews

Matthew W. G. McClure University of Edinburgh

Jane Rooney

Rachel Cripps University of St Andrews

Hitanshi Badani University of St. Andrews

Melissa Hejazi University of California, Berkeley

Jakob Ohlhorst Universities of Cologne and Glasgow

Marie Martine

Noah Friedman-Biglin San José State University

Zara Petranova University of St Andrews

Margaret Hudson

Arola Moreras University of St Andrews

Sally Bachner Wesleyan University

Tomasz Herok Lancaster University

Fiona Spencer ILLC, University of Amsterdam (University of St Andrews graduate)
As a woman pursuing postgraduate study in logic, I can strongly attest to the importance that movements such as MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) can have in deciding to continue in a field of academia with such a significant gender imbalance. Such movements genuinely provide hope that the landscape of our field can change to become more inclusive and diverse. Dr. Kerr’s redundancy is shocking and severely discouraging. I strongly encourage the University to reconsider their decision.

Anna Campbell St Andrews

Ricky Mouser Indiana University

Karen Lewis Barnard College, Columbia University

Anna Harris The University of St Andrews

Joshua Wood University of St Andrews

Jennifer Harvey St. Andrews university

Julia Goetze University of Redlands

James Rodgers University of St. Andrews

Carrie Dineen

Hug Nicolas APSAJ (France)

Tom Burdge University of St Andrews

Harry Hughes St. Andrews

Angela Bird-Meyer

Dr Katherine Cooper University of East Anglia

Emily Mann The University of Edinburgh

Savannah Pearlman Indiana University – Bloomington

Stanley Parker St Andrews University

William Innes Former St Andrews Philosophy Student

Finn Cartwright

Jacob Stillings University of St Andrews

Tricia Illson
Disgraceful behaviour from a university of St Andrews standing. Shocking treatment treatment to Dr Kurr and her students who are half way through what is already a very difficult year.

Yvette Philosophy PhD, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Hanna Palya University of St Andrews

Edward Backman St Andrews

Dr. Anna Shope University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

Dr. Rebecca Bamford Quinnipiac University

Sebastian Stuart St Andrews
Exploitative work practices in academia must be exposed and brought to an end!

Meghan Bowling-Johnson University of St Andrews

Teigan Aitken University of St Andrews

Karl Steel Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center CUNY (full professor)

Alice Rickless University of St Andrews

Dr Sheena MacRae

Meiyue Liu University of St. Andrews

Vanessa Wolosz University of St Andrews

David Anderson University of St Andrews

George Watts University of St Andrews
You cannot parade as a university that cares about equality whilst you slash the groundbreaking work that makes this move from archaic learning possible.

Adanna Okoli

Beth Lord University of Aberdeen

Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer Ohio State University

Neil Fox Falmouth University

Zara Anwarzai Indiana University

Dennis Caouki St Andrews

Dewi Evans Queen Mary University of London

Idil Galip University of Edinburgh
Solidarity with Alison

Adriana Disman Queen Mary University of London

Chloe Currie University of St Andrews

Dr Panas Karampampas École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris
(formerly, university of St Andrews)

Julia Swerdlow

Finlay O’Neill University of St Andrews

Oliver Blewett St Andrews

Harry Wade University of St. Andrews

Cormac Mathieson University of St Andrews

Emily Watson MLitt Classics, University of St Andrews

Vimala Pasupathi Hofstra University


Nora Epstein University of St Andrews

Karl Egerton University of Nottingham

Kathryn Darby University of St Andrews

Andy Camargo Ibero, Mexico City

Michael Taylor University of St. Andrews

Amy Buck

Annie Smith University of St Andrews

Celeste Murillo Williams College
Celeste Murillo

Dr Claire Field University of Stirling
I am shocked to learn of how Alison has been treated, and of the contempt for Gender Studies displayed. Losing Alison would be a great loss to St Andrews. Absolutely disgraceful.

isaac bateman University of St Andrews

Catherine Mullner University of St Andrews
I can only imagine to one day have the positive social impact Dr. Kerr has had on this University, and it is staff like her that made me want to come this institution in the first place. Making her position redundant is the wrong step for St Andrews, and especially its students.

Mark Dineen

Delaney Flanigan University of St Andrews

Bridget Bradley St Andrews

Kaja Andersen University of St Andrews

Nina McNicol University of St Andrews

Natalia Juarez Chavez

Emily Berman University of St. Andrews

Jennie Wang University of St Andrews


Colin Troesken University of St. Andrews/University of Stirling (SASP)

Rory Gibb University of St Andrews

Phoebe Dobie

Julia van Leuven

Anindya Raychaudhuri University of St Andrews

Carly Millar

Travis Manuel University of St Andrews


Eli Thayer University of St Andrews

Holly Muir University of St Andrews

Alasdair Richmond University of St Andrews


lakshmi keswani university college london

Helen Garnett University of St Andrews

Lorelei Boston University of St Andrews

L. Avery Randall

Sarah Routley University of St Andrews
As a female first-year Philosophy student, I am shocked to learn that the diversity of the Department and University is being challenged in this way. Whilst I have not been taught by Dr Kerr, I feel strongly that her work with MAP has made the department and course more inclusive, especially in an academic tradition that has a long history of ignoring female voices. Furthermore, I was excited to learn of the MLitt in Gender Studies, an area in which I have a particular interest, and am shocked that its founder and lecturer may not be there if I chose to apply in the future. Such a decision may mean that I would turn to post-graduate study elsewhere, at a university who stands by experienced and dedicated lecturers to deliver the highest level of teaching. She will be a major loss to Philosophy at St Andrews.

Hannah Crowe Student at the University of St Andrews
I am a second year theological studies student, one of my favourite areas being feminist theology. A member of staff in the philosophy department to study and focus on Gender issues is uplifting to say the least. She should be supported rather than made redundant! If she was to run a undergraduate module focusing on this area of study I would guarantee it’s popularity among students all over the university. Give our university a chance to make a difference in Gender issues and become a lead in the field.

Grace Lavery UC Berkeley

Sarah Gan University of St. Andrews

James Samuel

Emma Stitt Queen‘s University Belfast

Thomas Randriamahazaka University of St Andrews

Isabelle McNeill Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

Artemis Eales University of St. Andrews
If only one person is researching an important topic, then maybe don’t make them redundant?? Dr. Kerr is allowing philosophy students to access a wider range of knowledge which is key to their subject, don’t remove that resource by making am incredible person redundant.

Emily Stevenson

James McNinch St Andrews University
Dr Kerr is my academic advisor, and was extremely helpful in giving advice when I really needed it. She performed so well in her job,despite working from home with young children. The uni’s decision is upsetting, and I put my name to this letter as they clearly don’t know what they will lose.

Jemima Askew University of St Andrews

Charlotte Young Queen Mary University of London

Mariam Mahmood Civil Service, UK

Harris Hutchison University of St Andrews

Robin Dembroff Yale University

Katherine Perry University of Aberdeen

Lia Da Giau St Andrews

Hannah Dineen St Andrews.
Dr Kerr is my advisor and has always been lovely, her absence to this university will be noticed – don’t let it be!

Eugenio González Flores Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México


Nathan Tsang University of St Andrews

Hagar University of St Andrews

Ashley Woodward University of Dundee

Chloe Chuck University of St Andrews

Akshika kandage University of St Andrews
In order for St Andrews to actualize it’s goals of enabling students to excel , they need to invest in teachers like Dr .kerr and send a message to their students that exploring more academic fields is not redundant and should not make you redundant . Contributions need to be accepted and encouraged to set a good precedent and inspiration for students to purpose their academic interests . I also think that university of St Andrews has a duty to its students to offer the best education to its students , which it has done and can only continue to do so if professors like Dr Kerr are included within our academics .

Muireann Crowley University of Edinburgh

Euan Higgins University of St Andrews

Wren Winters

Ferdia McKeogh

Emma McKeown University of St Andrews

Charmaine Au-Yeung
As a Philosophy student, it’s clear that the people that have made Alison redundant do not understand that the Philosophy of Gender deserves its own treatment and cannot be relegated to being taught by other people. Gender is not something that you ‘add and stir’ into academia; it is a legitimate subdiscipline that requires someone, like Alison, to think through its nuances. This thinking-through is especially pertinent in the present, now that more and more people are talking about gender critically; we need specialists, like her, to guide the discourse and do the work that they do so well. Moreover, from a league table standpoint, Philosophy at St Andrews is ranked so highly in the UK in large part because of Alison’s efforts, so to make her redundant would be to severely limit the intellectual strength of the department, which would be a huge shame because they are fantastic. I implore you to reinstate Alison to her position.

Tanya Horeck Anglia Ruskin University

Alec Hudson University of St Andrews

Julie Rose Bower QMUL
Gender Studies is an important area of academic research with an exciting future ahead of it. Reverse this decision!

Niamh Yates

Nina Windgaetter University of New Hampshire

Eva Willson University of St. Andrews

Corran Wineberg St Andrews University

Rory Bannerman University of St Andrews

Noah Katz Lancaster University

Laurencia Saenz-Benavides

Dr. Karen Gregory Edinburgh University

Rasa Davidaviciute SASP

Colm Boyle University of St Andrews

Andrew Halyburton University of St Andrews

Sam Osborn University of St Andrews (Modern Languages)

Enrico Galvagni University of St Andrews

parker hansen study: St andrews SD/GEOG (studying gender things!), work: St andrews Students association

Adi Arora St. andrews University

Dr Sanghita Sen University of St Andrews.

Juliana Zaharevich University of St Andrews

Martin Caforio

Sara Weissel University of St. Andrews

Sarah McMahon University of St Andrews

Rosie Landon University of St Andrews

Kaden McGuire

Nirmal Rajesh

Janis Schaab University of Groningen
As a recent PhD from SASP (graduated 2019), I support this letter.

Ewan Reynolds University of St Andrews

Arantzazu Asali Infante University of St Andrews
I stand with Alison!

Chloe Lawson University of St Andrews

Federica Crescenzi University of St Andrews

Hannah Koegler Art History and Philosophy

Ilja Kaspers St Andrews & Stirling

Catherine Cooper Spar

Elisha Herring St Andrews 2020 Graduate

Alessandra Fassio The University of Edinburgh

Caitlin Brown University of St Andrews

Margret Stidham University of St. Andrews

Vyshnavhee Gurunathan

Eva Halliday University of St Andrews

Fabian Whitaker University of St Andrews


Dr Janet Foggie MA BD PhD University of Stirling
There is a need to reconsider who is “pooled” for redundancy and to stop picking off the progressive staff from the departments that really need them. This is a very retrograde step.

Spencer Albert University of Toronto

Andrew Fish University of Amsterdam (formerly, university of St Andrews)

Kyle van Oosterum University of Cambridge

Daniel Simons Oxford University

Miranda Wilson University of St Andrews

Aparna Sharma University of California Los Angeles
In solidarity with Dr. Kerr.

Jamie Roberts University of St Andrews

Emma Dollase

Sophia Rommel University of Cambridge

Sami Omaish

Jordan McKay

Anna University of St Andrews

Ella Curston University of St Andrew’s

Eline Gerritsen University of St Andrews

Danil Flewelling University of St Andrews, Philosophy

Sofia Johnson University of St. Andrews

Michael Logue University of St Andrews

Ailidh Mackichan

Theron Pummer St Andrews

Eleanor Pitt University of St Andrews

Devon Rosenberger

Aleks Scholz School of Physics & Astronomy

Mark Brough University of St Andrews

Joseph Ehrlich University of St Andrews

Luis Roberto Garcia Martinez University of St Andrews

Josh Smith Dundee University

Aniruddh Lodha University of St Andrews

Sophie Annabelle Walker University of Dundee (formerly University of St Andrews)

Dr. Nessa Johnston Edge Hill University

Katharina Hunfeld University of St Andrews

Anna Backman Rogers University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Holly Patrick Alumnus

Anh-Quân Nguyen University of St Andrews

Dr Camilla Mørk Røstvik University of Leeds

Emily Savage University of St Andrews


Dr Yemisi Akinbobola Birmingham City University

Taskeen Bailwal University of Dundee

Dr Lizzie Reed University of Southampton

Matthew Cull University of Sheffield

Dr Anna Hájková University of Warwick

Nick Küspert University of St Andrews & University of Stirling

Lucy Osler University of Copenhagen

Duncan Morin University of Edinburgh
Absolute shambles from supposedly the best university in the country. Shame on St Andrews

Max Klaassen University of Bonn

Tabitha Benton-Evans University of St Andrews

Jean Gové University of St Andrews

Josh Heron Abertay University

Mallika Balakrishnan University of Cambridge

Grant Buttars University of Edinburgh

M. Jimena Clavel Vázquez University of Tartu

Andrew Fyffe University of St Andrews

Jann Paul Engler University of St Andrews

Lixiao Lin University of St Andrews

Helena Slanickova St Andrews & Stirling Universities

Emma St Andrews University

Matthew Ogden University of Dundee

Dr. Houman Sadri University of Gothenburg

Emma Bairstow University of St Andrews
This is abominable. I can’t believe that a university this esteemed, where we claim to value equality and fair treatment, is doing this. Also it’s illegal to offer up a post someone has been made redundant from.

Amy Illson Mlitt Gender Studies, St Andrews

Rebecca Harrison University of Glasgow

Elsa Kivinen University of Edinburgh

Fenner Tanswell Loughborough University

Matthew Clark University of St Andrews

Dr. Justin Vlasits University of Tübingen

Fionna Saintraint Parliament of Brussels

Anthony Morgan Editor, The Philosopher

John MacDonald University of Aberdeen
This is such a pertinent area of study ! It cannot be set back even an inch !

Alan MacDonald University of Dundee

Dr. Sara L. Uckelman Durham University

Christoph Schuringa New College of the Humanities

Dr Scott Burnett University of Gothenburg

Aidan McGlynn Philosophy, University of Edinburgh

Fionn Kennedy Philosophy graduate student, University of Oxford
I spent 5 years at St Andrews philosophy from 2015-20. This decision is deeply disappointing, and will tangibly damage both the reputation of the university in my own eyes and those of others. I urge those responsible to reconsider their decision.

Prof. Martin Lenz University of Groningen

Ian Allinson
Solidarity to Dr Kerr. St Andrews should have a rethink on this.

Antoine Saintraint Morocco

Liam St.Andrews

Caeleen Saintraint MLitt Gender Studies

Elizabeth Ventham University of Liverpool

Leonie Smith University of Manchester

Adriana Alcaraz Glasgow university

Lauren Slater Birkbeck UOL

Marley Lobambola University of Glasgow

Paolo Savino University of St Andrews & University of Stirling

Melissa Demian University of St Andrews

L Cumberbatch

Dr Katharine Jenkins University of Glasgow
Signing in a personal capacity.

Aimee Lewis University of St Andrews

Matthew Chrisman University of Edinburgh

Dr Isaac Castellano Boise State University
Dr. Duncan Kerr by all standards is well deserving and qualified scholar and professor. It is with complete disbelief that an esteemed and enlightened institution such as St. Andrews cannot see that.

Rebecca Som Castellano Boise State University
The situation sadly illustrates why we need continued attention given to power, including as it relates to gender. Dr. Kerr is deserving of better, as is St. Andrews.

Cassie Herbert Illinois State University

Matthew Andler Lafayette College

Professor Jennifer Saul

Professor Charlotte Witt University of New Hampshire

Dr Esa Díaz-León Universitat de Barcelona

Elinor Mason UCSB
As a colleague and fellow feminist philosopher, I would like to voice my support and respect for Dr Alison Duncan Kerr. As the external examiner for the Gender Studies MLitt I want to stress how valuable this program is, and what a shame it would be to squander all the work that Dr Duncan-Kerr has put into it.

Joan W Scott Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton New Jersey

Wesley Cray Texas Christian University

Ethan Landes University of St Andrews

Carrie Jenkins University of British Columbia

Eric Fassin Professor, Paris 8 University
In the age of #MeToo, and when the pandemic mobilizes care workers, we need gender studies more than ever!

Dr Alexander Douglas University of St Andrews
As Alison’s colleague in the Department of Philosophy, I wholeheartedly believe in her contractual right to a permanent position after her years of service to the department and the university.

Julinna Oxley Coastal Carolina University

Serena Parekh Northeastern University

Andrea Westlund Florida State University

Dr. James Taylor University of Warwick

Dr Catherine Lester University of Birmingham

Matt Denny The university of warwick

Charlotte Stevens Birmingham City University

Peter A Gildenhuys Lafayette College

Sally McConnell-Ginet Emerita Professor, Linguistics Cornell University, USA
Alison has done an extraordinary job and more than merits a permanent position at St Andrews

Niklas Becker St Andrews
The fact that Alison is made redundant goes completely against the – at least official – position of the University to increase diversity. Almost as if the Uni does not care as much for diversity as they say…

Nick Allen University of St. Andrews

Kirsty Sinclair Dootson University of St Andrews

Zoë Shacklock University of St Andrews

Atif Khan University of Strathclyde

Tom Roberts University of Exeter

Prof. Richard Samuels Philosophy Department, Ohio State

Sara Protasi University of Puget Sound

Dr. Cathleen Muller Marist College

Petronella Randell University of St. Andrews

Katharina Bernhard University of St Andrews

Clotilde Torregrossa University of St Andrews
As a young female academic myself, having Alison in my department has been truly inspirational. Seeing her hard work, her passion, and her immense attention and care for the students of St Andrews dismissed in such a way by the University has been a shock. It sends the terrible message to people like myself in precarious employment in Academia that our work is not seen or valued. I hope the University does not actually stand by this message and that it rectifies the situation.

David MacDonald University of St Andrews

Morgan Currie University of Edinburgh
St. Andrews administration, shame on you. That you can’t see the injustice of Allison’s situation – of not rewarding her for the innovative work she’s done for the University by starting a new Institute and degree program, nor for the difference she’s made in the lives of the first cohort of gender studies MLitt students, nor for her years of service in the Philosophy department – that instead, she has been demoted and told to leave, putting the program in jeopardy, is a clear and shameful case study of gender discrimination and exploitation of a vulnerable early career researcher. That you haven’t inspected or are not concerned for how this flouts the University policies aspiring towards greater diversity and gender parity is also appalling – you’ve created precisely the kind of case study that gender studies programs such as this one are designed to study and guard against. The only course of action is to do what is just, to hire Allison on staff and to support her to lead the institute and program she created and has led with such skill and vision.

Quentin Pharr St Andrews and Stirling Universities
So much hard work and so much genuine care should not be dismissed – it should be rewarded. I wholeheartedly stand with Alison.

Joel Krueger University of Exeter

Emilia Wilson University of St Andrews

Lucy Donaldson University of St Andrews

Deryn Mair Thomas University of St. Andrews

Gwendoline Choi

Camille Fouche University of St Andrews

Lara Jost St Andrews and Stirling

Laura Roe University of St. Andrews

Gabriela Manley University of St. Andrews

Sonja Dobroski University of St Andrews

Dr. Christa L McKirland Carey Baptist College, Aotearoa NZ
I stand with Alison.

Stewart Shapiro The Ohio State University

Gillian Russell University of St Andrews/ACU Melbourne

Dr. Graham Hubbs University of Idaho

Joe Slater St Andrews Philosophy Department
I am very disappointed by this decision. Alison has been a wonderful presence at the university. I hope those with the ability to reverse this decision see sense.

Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa University of British Columbia

Professor Craige Roberts The Ohio State University
Alison Duncan Kerr is an outstanding young scholar who has dedicated herself and her work in good faith to developing an excellent, timely interdisciplinary program for St. Andrews’ students. To discard her as the university plans to do thoughtlessly devalues women’s place in academia at a time when the university is supposed to be committed to its promotion. Shame.

Prof. Bradford Cokelet University of Kansas

Dr Carol Hay University of Massachusetts Lowell

Judith Tonhauser University of Stuttgart, Germany

Dr Lindsey Mason Ohio Dominican University
My signature represent my personal beliefs and not the beliefs of my university. Alison has my support 100%.

Leshu Torchin University of St Andrews

Mike Arrowsmith University of St Andrews

Dr Lauren Ware University of Kent

Anna Hamilton

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